NR Raghuram & Co: One of the Leading Suppliers of Building and Valuation Services

N.Raghuraman,CEOAlmost every business needs to know the value of its tangible and intangible assets, products, and intellectual property, and consumer and supplier relations with fast-moving regulatory and accounting requirements. Business Valuation provides information on creditors' financial and ongoing planning, it is the simple way an organization can focus financially on the company's strategic aspects. Business and company analyses are closely analyzed in order to find the true value of the market from quality and quantity.

Established in 2000, NR Raghuram & Co is one of the leading suppliers of Civil Engineering Consultancy Services, the company's portfolio is composed of the best services such as Building Services and Valuation Services that have a strong consumer preference. The provided selection is made available to consumers in compliance with industry practices and guidelines and the use of the finest tools, the services are furthermore priced at the lowest possible cost.

NR Raghuram & Co is a complete service provider for all kind of civil engineering services like planning, estimation, digital survey, surveying, structural designs, stability certificates, consulting, measurements, billing, approvals, arbitration, and many more.
They are also a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor [RICS] and are first international valuer in Coimbatore.

Pertaining Property Valuation
Mainly NR Raghuram & Co deals with IBBI [Insolvency Bankruptcy Board of India], and are the registered valuer for wealth tax and company act. N. Raghuraman, CEO, NR Raghuram & Co says, "We are the Bank approved valuer and Empanelled valuer for many banks and financial institutions [more than 35], also the stability certificate provider and class IA panel engineer for both Coimbatore and Tirupur district to issue stability certificates for all public buildings. We are a registered engineer for both Coimbatore and LPA and corporation and have approval for both land and building in Coimbatore district."

NR Raghuram & Co is an ISO 9001:2005 Certified along with CRISIL Rated company, and the factors that drive the customers and clients attention towards this company is their professionally managed services, NSIC ­ D & B and SMERA Ratings, maintaining quality in their reports, standard formats, timely delivery, services at affordable costs and majorly their qualified professionals' friendly approach.

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The company follows processed and proper standards to overcome the time to time challenges generated in the industry, and the professionals of NR Raghuram believes in staying positive while offering any kind of solutions. Also, because of the skilled employees, the company is able to deliver their services with ease and this keeps them up with high-level customer satisfaction. The expert's team of NR Raghuram which consists of the CEO N. Raghuraman, Gomathi ­ Administration Head, Ramamoorthy ­ Manager and Srimitha ­ HR Manager, they develop the organizational strategies using the latest technologies.

Some of the prominent clients that have collaborated with NR Raghuram for the exceptional services are Ramakrishna Groups, PSG Groups and Suguna Institutions from Coimbatore. "We follow our standard and systems religiously to easily cope up with the changing current trends and advanced happenings in the property valuation realm. Adding about our future plans, currently, we are making 80 Lakhs per year and in future, at NR Raghuram is expecting to make 1.5 crores by enhancing our services all over the state", concludes N. Raghuraman.