Olympus Complete Pool Solutions: Complete Solutions for High Standard, Easily Maintainable Pools

Akbar Namazi,  Founder & Owner

Akbar Namazi

Founder & Owner

Thanks to the rising income levels, India is witnessing a rising demand for attractive amenities in residential & commercial complexes. Swimming being a great exercise offering numerous benefits, people are finding the idea of a swimming pool very exciting. Having a swimming pool in the house, apartment or hotel can be a great source of leisure and also add value to property. This explains why the global swimming pool construction market, which was valued at $38.2 billion in 2017, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8 percent throughout the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. Taking advantage of the surge in demand for swimming pools in India with its client-oriented functioning is Olympus Complete Pool Solutions. The unique factor that positions Olympus at the higher end of the spectrum is its commitment to precisely execute the plan set forward with a stark focus on quality.

This Chennai headquartered company was established in 2016 by Akbar Namazi (Founder & Owner), who has previously held various positions in the same field. “Most of the other people in the industry just want to make quick sales and get over with it, whereas we operate with the mission of adding tremendous value to our client’s home or commercial place by paying great attention to minute details in order to ensure that they don’t have to call us repeatedly to solve the same problem,“ states Akbar. Not stopping there, the company has also built a
habit to respond to clients’ call immediately, wherein one of its team members goes directly to the spot within 24 hours of the call, takes note of the issue and chart out a concrete solution in very short time. This client-centric approach is the magnetizer that makes clients flock in for Olympus’ services.

Olympus is highly capable of executing multiple projects simultaneously, handling everything right from designing according to the client’s requirements to the services needed to maintain the pools in good condition

With a highly skilled team of engineers and designers, the company is highly capable of executing multiple projects simultaneously, handling everything right from designing according to the client’s requirements to the services needed to maintain the pools in good condition. Unlike other players in the field, Olympus has a separate team for Administration, Program Support and Maintenance, which transcends to better client response rate and client management.

Ensuring Unparallel Quality & Maintenance
What makes Olympus so sure of the quality of its work so as to offer unparalleled maintenance and support is the superior products it uses and the latest technology that it adopts, which are imported from Australia and Hong Kong. The complete plumbing, electrical and mechanical design offered is in line with the latest in swimming pool technology. The waterproof solutions, automatic suction sweeper, automatic timer and the LED lights are of the highest grade. Besides training one of client’s staff to help them understand the process, Olympus also provides them a maintenance kit (includes eight items such as suction sweeper, vacuum cleaner and automatic timer, which others don’t typically provide) and maintenance chart for the upkeep of the pool. “The Automatic timer ensures proper circulation & clearer water in the pool by making all the equipment run automatically for the right amount of time without any human error,” explains Akbar.

Apart from these, Olympus also provides landscaping services and supplies the latest swimming pool related equipment & products at a competitive price. Broadening its territories, Olympus recently grabbed its first large IT project which includes many swimming pools, water bodies and complete landscaping. The company which has been growing at an impressive rate of 20-25 percent yearly since its beginning holds huge ambitions for its future and wishes to expand its presence across India and internationally.