Palm Leaves: On the Mission to Make Delhi Pollution Free

We are living in the modern age where everything is surrounded by buildings, and who knows what. To provide an eye-spa for the urban dwellers, a green patch among the concrete jungle is a brilliant way to bring them closer to the tranquility and splendor of nature. Seeing something green and having it all arranged in an appealing way helps in coping up with the daily hustle and bustle of urban living. Researchers infer that a landscape view can reduce stress & lower blood and promises faster recovery of the patient.

Built on the solid fundamentals of Faisal Ali Khan’s (CEO)vast industry experience(20+ years), Palm Leaves, branch of Heritage India, has been providing full fledge landscaping & horticulture services (supply, plantation to landscaping) with a vision to make every day green and a pollution free ecosystem. For two decades, this landscaping and gardening design company has maintained its commitment to quality, reliability and promptness. “We are well aware of the environmental responsibility and ensure that all our landscape systems are low maintenance landscape with only positive effects on the environment,” professes Faisal.

As a landscape contractor, this ISO certified firm has developed an array of solutions including Soft Landscape, Lawn, Ground Maintenance, Road Side Tall Tree, Shrubs, Live Indoor Plants, Ground covers, Big Plants,Medical Plants, Vertical Garden and Creepers. With large scale experience of landscaping architecture & design, development & landscape execution, maintenance, garden designing and plants nursery services, Palm Leaves has been serving residential, commercial developers, Healthcares, Hotels, Institutions, Parks, Architects and Interior Designers with all the greening solutions.

EcoFriendly Approach
Palm Leaves prides itself on innovative and customized work, with strict attention to
Faisal Ali Khan, CEO
detail. Apart from assisting clients in the initial designing & conceptualization phase of gardening/ landscaping, the company helps them in selecting the best indoor/outdoor plants with minimum maintenance, to give them around the year support. It generally proposes seasonal plants and soilless herbs that last for at least three four months and require less water and if necessary, also gives a water recycling system for plantation. “We have our own nursery of 35-40 acres where plants bought from Kolkata & Andhra Pradesh are grown under respective climatic condition for minimum four five years. Later, these plants are kept in the big polythene for at least a year for the easy landscaping process. All our plants are air purifier hence yield maximum oxygen and require minimum modality & less causality,”adds Faisal.

Apart from assisting clients in the initial designing & conceptualization phase of gardening/landscaping, the company helps them in selecting the best indoor/outdoor plants with minimum maintenance

On the flip side, to make the entire planting procedure hasslefree, Palm Leaves uses automatic watering system that is easy to operate and requires almost no human intervention. These distinct features have earned the company clients like Indian Oil, American Express, German Embassy in India, and others. With a vision to make ecosystem pollution free, the company is coming up with a gift box comprising of air purifier plants especially designed for Diwali at much lower price. Mean while, Palm Leaves is also looking ahead to expand its functional area and is in the process to associate with government and render them landscaping services at much reduced cost to cover the empty areas in Delhi with plants for better pollution control.