Pashupati Construction and Engineering: Emphasizing on Quality Assured Constructions

Gruvin Pal,Founder

Gruvin Pal


The building industry comes with responsibility for accuracy and detail in the work. The companies in the Construction industry are responding to the advanced building materials and tools that would contribute to give the final finish for the architecture. It become the duty of the Construction Company to build architecture that standout with its enticing appeal and also could withstand environmental conditions. With an experience of more than 25 years, Pashupati Construction and Engineering ventures in to the building industry with the prime tools and techniques to give the best finishing touch for architecture. The company has partnered with India’s major developers for flagship projects across India, covering Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, Chandigarh and Kolkata.

The foundation of Pashupati Construction and Engineering was laid down in 1992 by a team of engineering professionals in delivering highgrade finishing solution to construction. Having a diverse, pan-India portfolio of projects across sectors of residential, retail, hospitality, landscape, restoration & refurbishment, Pashupati has given shape and body to hundreds of flats, commercial spaces. Presently, Pashupati is engaged in interior and exterior finishing works of about 500 high-end apartments including Tata, DLF, and Emaar.

Pashupati provides high quality flooring,
cladding, wood workfalse ceiling, glass work and metal works. Moreover, it also offers wide range of choices for exterior and interior decorative finish with high performance coatings like metallic, polyester, PU for wood and metal surfaces. Pashupati gives final touches that are required to elevate the home or building to a permanent beauty.

Being a system & process oriented contacting company Pashupati has also engaged in its own boutique developments. Recently, it has ventured into a space of co-living. It is building 16 fully loaded modern studio accommodations for corporate executives in Gurugram and is planning to build an inventory of 100 in next two years.

Pashupati provides high quality flooring and cladding in marble/granite tile, joinery, glass work, false ceiling and metal work

Pashupati has prepared a blue print for B2C to take the vast expertise knowledge of projects to retail customers. In B2C space, Pashupati is launching two brands Painting Plus and Waterproofing PRO. In the coating space, company has successfully completed more than 75 million sq ft and 40 million sqft are in the waterproofing across India on medium to large size projects. The expertise in decorative painting coupled with in depth knowledge in water proofing puts Pashupati at an exclusive pedestal. In the B2C space, the company provides all inclusive solutions for new or repair/rehabilitation projects across various sectors of school, nursing home, industrial unit, condominium society or an individual. “Our repair and rehabilitation division fully take care of treating buildings to make them as functional as new ones. We possess all the technical craft to resolve the trickiest challenges of any interior and exterior restoration or new work”, explains Gruvin Pal, Founder of Pashupati Construction and Engineering. Gruvin Pal has a microscopic eye for detailing and is passionate about training his engineers, supervisors and workers to take care of line and level to achieve a high precision work.

Pashupati identifies a dearth of reliable, trust worthy contracting companies in India for midsize works valuing Rs.1-25 crore. Construction industry in India as in developed countries is progressing slowly towards Design Build model. Gruvin Pal envisions creating a boutique Design Build solution company to take advantage of this vacuum in India.

The company has bagged umpteen business awards including Saint Gobain for three consecutive times for excelling in dry wall partition and ceiling solutions.