Plantshala: The One-Stop-Destination to a Hopeful Greener Future

Santosh Chaturvedi,Founder & Director

Santosh Chaturvedi

Founder & Director

The World Meteorological Organization(WMO) recently released a report that alarmed carbon dioxide permeating the atmosphere has gone up 20 percent since 2015 the highest recorded in over five years. This devastation re-sounds the depletion of forest reserves and the fading green life that have scarred satellite images with vast spans of smog-kissed barren lands & concrete jungles. Surprisingly, NASA’s latest study revealed India standing one among leading countries that is heading the global greening effort; thanks to its government efforts and the increasing attempts of the landscaping industry that is boosting the country’s lung space and fulfilling its need for greenery.

Partaking in this much needed agenda, Santosh Chaturvedi (Founder & Director, Plantshala) an ardent green enthusiast and a childhood naturalist, always endorsed the essentiality of greening and hence kick started his journey in the landscaping arena in 2013 (after over 17 years of corporate exposure) when he established Plantshala (branched out of Nisha Nurseries). Ever since, the company has become a proclaimed one stop destination offering services right from consultation/advisory services, turnkey landscape design and development. Besides, vertical green wall, terrace garden & urban farming, drip
irrigation, drain cell system and large scale plantation maintenance services are among other major services.

Armed with a determination to rejuvenate Mother Earth, we ensure not just the delivery of greenery solutions at your doorstep, but a complete association in your every step towards nature

Offering these much distinguished deliverables to commercial, residential, governmental and farming segments, Plantshala also caters to agricultural implements, manure & planters, manpower and farming power tools & equipment focusing on marginal farmers. Citing his vision, Santosh says, “Having spent a considerable time of our lives in metro cities, we are well aware of the need, urgency and challenge modern citizens face when it comes to maintaining greenery around him/her. Thus, armed with a determination to rejuvenate Mother Earth, we ensure not just the delivery of greenery solutions at your doorstep but a complete association in your every step towards nature.”

Plantshala beyond Business
Considering it beyond mere business, nature passionate Plantshala undertakes complete valuechain landscaping services right from scratch (consultation, design & execution) and even executing projects with client provided design formats possessing an upper hand in softscape deliverables. With quality marking its prime dictum, the company first aims at understanding its client’s requirements, post which it presents a unique design layout, utilizing Autocad technology and 3D walk through creations to even show clients the project status five years into the future. Moreover, right from point preparation & planting, to maintenance of client site, the company’s manpower resources viz., gardeners, labourers and expert horticulturists, aim to deliver the best.

Striking brilliance in carrying out hydroponic kitchen garden projects and terrace gardens with Australian imported materials, Plantshala’s services have also found favour among reputed companies like L&T and major projects like toll plazas and Hyderabad’s highway plantations. Thus, aiming to widen its service base, the company aims to strengthen its R&D facilities and extend beyond Hyderabad, further amplifying its Rs.1.5 crore annual revenue growth and branching out to fuel the development of smartcities and core governmental projects.