Pranathi Kiara: An Extraordinary Living Experience

 , The Indian real estate industry has been growing rapidly over the past few decades. However, this expeditious growth has been criticized for its negative impact on the environment and local communities. Several factors including rapid urbanization, increasing energy demands, climate change, and the need for affordable housing have led to a re-evaluation of real estate practices. Consequently, the industry is witnessing a paradigm shift towards green and sustainable homes, making them the future of real estate in the country.

Established in 2011, Pranathi Constructions is contributing significantly to the country’s mission to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and communities, and also promote social equity and economic growth. Growing under the leadership of two brothers K. Vijay Kumar Reddy and Dr. K. Satheesh Reddy, Pranathi Constructions, the real estate development company in Hyderabad, is constantly providing spectacular projects that deliver the best value and quality for its clients.

The company began by constructing Residential communities in Bangalore which included Pranathi Fen Breeze, Pranathi Serene Nest and Pranathi Urban Ville. Further moving on to Hyderabad, it successfully delivered six projects right from Pranathi’s Blue Bells, Pranathi’s Grandeur, Pranathi’s Eesha, Pranathi’s Panorama, Pranathi Sukriti and currently building Pranathi’s Kiara. Pranathi’s Kiara, a premium real estate project of Pranati Constructions is a plush gated community of apartments spread over three stunning blocks. It allows the clients to come home to love and warmth while bringing extraordinary brightness and sunshine to everyday life.
Bringing Sustainability, Lifestyle & People Together
Pranathi’s Kiara promises the delivery of a world-class project with richer amenities while having less density in the community so that all the amenities and lifestyles are fully used by the residents. The project has focused on building a complete traffic-free zone in the podium area. It provides over one lakh square feet of sprawling greens, landscaping, and amenities on the ground floor making residential spaces into resorts.

A separate 25,000 square feet clubhouse on six floors with an infinity pool and a 25,000 square feet central courtyard spreading inside the towers. Pranathi’s Kiara is the first apartment project in Hyderabad to offer maximum open space and a comfortable living environment by not having any flats on the ground floor. When they get down to the ground floor, residents would be only able to see greenbelts, open gyms, mini golf spaces, and covered children's play areas, away from the sound of traffic. This is Pranathi Kiara’s unique feature which has driven its sales in the last quarter making the project do extremely well in the real estate market.

With a very traditional construction of RCC framed structure to withstand wind and seismic loads, and consultants coming from MA Associates, Design Space Architects who has been responsible for some of the Hyderabad’s landmark buildings, Pranathi’s Kiara is shifting everyone’s focus to the western corridor of Hyderabad for a new future.

Pranathi kiara is shifting everyone’s focus to the western corridor of Hyderabad for a new future

Future Roadmap
Leveraging 12+ years in the real estate sector, Pranathi Constructions is moving toward enthusiastic and ambitious plans to grow and expand its projects. The Founders are aspiring to deliver more projects in Bangalore this year, both villas and apartments that account to close to about a million half to 2 million square feet. The company’s next project will be 24 acres of a plotting venture near to Shamshabad International Airport (in Hyderabad) and it is also looking at 6 million square feet in about five years of total development of the residential and commercial aspects as well.

Pranathi Constructions is leading the way through sustainable development all because of the contribution of its young as well as experienced team members who aspire to build sustainable gated communities which doesn't pinch the pockets of clients but rather delivers the value on the table in terms of pricing. This makes most of the clients and the investors associated with the company stand loyal to it since day one as it continues to grow with more exquisite projects.