Prop Floor Realty: People's Counsel for All Real Estate Transactions

Ankit Rai Gautam, Managing Director

Ankit Rai Gautam

Managing Director

The real estate story in India took a downfall after demonetization. However, Bengaluru, which was the least affected, has a different tale to tell. With expanding investment brackets of people here, the demand for budgeted and luxury properties are on the rise. But AnkitRai Gautam (Managing Director, Prop Floor Realty) realized that the market wasn’t transparent and didn’t provide sufficient information to the customers to decide what, why and for how much to buy a property for, leading them to make erroneous buying decisions, consequently resulting in huge losses. Discerning the huge gap and an opportunity to cater to the needy, Prop Floor Realty was founded in 2013 to not sell properties like brokers but to become a HNI customer’s property consultant.

The Exceptional Attribute
Handholding the customers from the stage of decision making to final purchase and handing off the property (apartments, villas, villaments, plots and commercial complexes), Prop Floor takes utmost care to educate its customers about the external
factors (location, connectivity to various amenities, entertainment and more) and internal factors (quality and amenities of the property, legalities and others) related to a property before they even lay their finger son it. “Our job is to brief, educate and give an honest feedback to our clients. We are unbiased and transparent with our dealings,” proclaims Ankit. By providing an example of an HNI client, he explains, “She was looking for a property that was quoted Rs.2.10 crore by the builder. The same villa has been closed for Rs.1.72 crore after she educate its became our client. She has successfully invested Rs.8.3 crore through us in the past one year”.

Prop Floor takes utmost care to educate its customers about the external factors and internal factors related to a property before they even lay their fingers on it

Working only with a handful of Tier-I developers like SOBHA, Embassy, Salarpuria, Brigade and others, enables the company to deliver only the best properties to its clients. But before empanelling these developers, Prop Floor clearly states its area of focus – doing A-Z of the services part starting from making sales deal to bank loan and others,thus bringing every thing under one roof. To start with, the company ascertains all the approvals of the project
before hand (like clearance certificates, A-KHATA, and completion & post -occupational certificates). Though the team is divided into three segments (Banking, Technical and Legal), each work hand-in-hand with others to serve clients seamlessly without any glitches.

Thought the company deals with properties valued between Rs.50 lakh to Rs.1.5 crore under its budgeted segment, it will soon stem out another sister concern to cater the increasing luxury segment, to serve the HNI and NRI clients with investment capacity of more than Rs.1.5 crore.

Creating One-Man Army
Prop Floor’s team of experts are trained extensively, both in-house and onsite to gain every bit of knowledge about the project they undertake. Such extensive trainings make each member more knowledgeable on the entire project than the developer’s executives who are bifurcated in various departments and deals only with their responsible section. No wonder, such exceptional strategies have led the company grow beyond 100 percent last year and have also brought several certificate of recognitions from developers. Achieving such growth wasn’t an easy feat and Ankit’s mantra to it is, “If you want something that you never had, then you have to do something that you’ve never done. It is the attitude that matters”. Dedication and honesty is what helped him achieve success in a short span of and this will be the crux to help Prop Floor double its growth in the future as well.