RealtyMonk: Simplifying Rental-Tenancy, Proffering Comprehensive Services on a Single-Platter

Sadanand, Founder

The mind-numbing task of property owners finding the right tenants and vice versa has almost faded away today, with technology playing its prodigious part. Smart technology is not only driving the real estate sector to reach wider horizons, but also has simplified the owner-tenant interaction. However, the concern of finding the right, reasonable and reliable source is still a matter of distress for the owners and home seekers.

Consequently, in an effort to streamline the 'Home-Rental' process for both property owners and tenants, RealtyMonk came into establishment in the year 2015. It considered the complexities that trail behind ‘rental tenancy’, and toiled hard to simplify the process where the point of contact between the sellers and the buyers be traded on a single platform with no-charge. Since its inception then, it has risen as an epitome in the real estate industry.

Proposing simplified experiences & eliminating the crushing-costs of brokerage, unlike most of its peers, RealtyMonk aids owners in renting/leasing properties, in-turn providing them with steady income streams, regardless of property occupancy status. This Bangalore-based company ensures that tenants also receive a fair share of information, while shortlisting homes and further assisting them
with the right paper work, thereby drawing a distinct reputation among its competitors.

"Proposing simplified experiences & eliminating the crushing-costs of brokerage, RealtyMonk aids owners in renting/leasing properties, in-turn providing them with steady income streams"

Guaranteeing tenancy within 72 hours with its Express Tenancy offering, the RealtyMonk portal is equipped with feature-rich services that exceed just house hunting. Acting as a suitable platform for hassle-free revenue for investors, RealtyMonk sublets the property to tenants based on owner guidelines, also ensuring that the property stays well-maintained.

Technology & Expertise go Hand-in-Hand
RealtyMonk holds a record for successfully helping corporate organizations in enabling their employees an relocate to a different city, absolutely hassle-free. An example of this excellent effort can be cited from its success in fruitfully relocating 150 families of employees of an organization, arranging 150 flats as per the individual’s choices within 30 days. Apart from offering an array of choices in property, broadly categorized between furnished & semi-furnished, RealtyMonk also provides personally curated furniture pieces for the residential & commercial purpose on rent. The company also offers the facility of packing and shipping household and commercial items PAN India.

RealtyMonk’s resourceful market-analytics team meticulously analyzes the market at both the micro & macro levels so as to educate the owner on the actual pricing and the probability of closure. Post agreement, every
property is monitored on individual basis to ensure it’s being used for legitimate purposes only. Understanding the critical monetary plans of tenants in case of emergency relocation, RealtyMonk offers spot settlement in deposit with a basic notice period. Furthermore, housing a data security technology designed with various scrupulous stage checks, the company aims at inducing tracking systems for houses and gateway systems for apartment complexes, further ensuring confidentiality of customer data after proper identification/verification of information. These have been specifically designed by in-house professionals.

Beyond Horizons of Domestic-Markets
RealtyMonk’s thriving success took on a huge leap within six months of its launch. Google Analytics shows that 75,000 of its pages are viewed every day.

Following its success in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Palakkad, Kochi and Mumbai, the company is spreading wings to Pune & Hyderabad targeting to achieve a PAN India presence. RealtyMonk also launched its operations in Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Singapore, Nepal and Philippines with a partnership in technology, investments and services with an idea to make innovations outshine, while optimally utilizing existing systems. With its Beta version moving on a live scale, the company will be launching the complete portal in these countries within a month. Sadanand, Founder, RealtyMonk states, “Our major plan is to blend the traditional way of house hunting with technology where user will have a real-time experience, both online and offline”.