RED Group: An End-to-End Property Management Expert with PAN India Presence

Pravin Thakur, FounderOver the past few years, property management has proven to be the vital facet in the lives of real estate owners, as mere owning a property won’t fetch them good rental income. Right from searching a tenant for a vacant property, maintaining its safety, refurbishing when damaged, to paying bills & taxes on time, a property management company takes utmost care of all aspects. Especially owners, both residents and non-residents, with multiple properties at different locations of India, find it tedious to manage these properties on a regular basis.

Thanks to RED (Real Estate Destination)Group that handholds end-to-end property management requirements of clients - be it residents or non residents of India through its venture ‘Property Kundali’. In fact, Property Kundali is India’s first property management company that offers 360 degree services to clients – corporates especially, right from registration, day-to-day maintenance to overall upkeep of their properties. Pravin Thakur, Founder, RED Group, speaks, “Unlike our peers, we have a PAN India presence that enables us to cater to our clients with multiple properties across multiple locations (Tier-1, 2 & 3 cities) in India”.

This doctor to your properties presents its property management services to clients at minimal costs, while letting them save time for their daily schedule. When a client invests in a property, there are a lot of aspects that ought to be taken care of – property tax, attending society meetings, addressing
tenant’s concerns, till approaching brokers to sell. This is where RED Group comes into the frame by taking utmost care of all the above matters in a hassle free manner, both as a property manager and local broker when needed. With services including utility bills payments, under construction status report, estate maintenance, legal advisory, registration process, tax consultancy and real estate advisory, the company stands as the epitome of its tagline -‘For Giving Time to Your Life’.

RED Group handholds end-to-end property management requirements of clients-be it residents or non-residents of India through its venture 'Property Kundali'

Making Clients Happy

Due to a minor havoc caused from the breakage of glass façade, one of the properties of RED Group’s client was not open for lease. But the company came forward and replaced the glass façade with a new one, the very next day. Despite the owner being unreachable at that moment, RED Group overtook the entire responsibility of the repair by treating it as its own property, and later received reimbursement for the same. There were many cases like this where RED Group has proven its expertise not just as a property manager, but as a society manager, keeping clients happy and satisfied. Some of these clients include HNWIs from Government sector, IT companies, NRIs, and others.

Incorporated in 2013 as a Mumbai based company, RED Group has expanded across various locations such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Gujarat, Kolkata, Gurgaon, and others in India. Backing the firm strongly is its team of experts in real estate with more than a decade experience in legal, property tax, accounts and many other brackets. Recently, RED Group has started managing service apartments for corporates, where in it undertakes right from maintenance services to promoting the property on lease. Pravin concludes, “While foreigners today reside across leased properties and pay high rents, we are expecting that the Indian Government will allow them to buy properties in the years to come. If this happens, we hope to be the upper hand for the foreigners with our strong PAN India presence”.

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