RentFlux: Managing the Properties in an Ethical Way

Dinesh Mundada & Nihar Adkar,Co-FoundersThe Globalization effect has led to the rapid growth of the Real Estate market. With that, the Property Management Industry is also booming. Although expanding massively, the Property Management Industry lacks structural framework and is unconsolidated to a large extent. This is especially true when it comes to taking care of properties. A genuine problem for people staying outside of their native place, due to several reasons, right from people moving to some other place due to job or education related purposes to business set ups elsewhere.

This was a trend closely observed by two Engineering Graduates Nihar Adkar and Dinesh Mundada. Both qualified engineers in their own right, with Dinesh Mundada been associated with Property Management for well over 15 years, and Nihar Adkar a qualified builder with multiple projects completed under his belt, decided to fill into the gap of property caring by starting out a Property caring business ­ RentFlux in the year 2018.

Mainly focused on the Pune market, RentFlux has also been catering up to the trend of the rise of the soft-ware industry in Pune. Additionally, RentFlux has a robust plan to expand into cities of Maharashtra such as Navi Mumbai, Nasik and Aurangabad, and build up strategic partnerships in the aforementioned cities. In recent times, many Developers and IT professionals have been investing hard on properties across Pune. Naturally, people want these properties to be managed properly, since there is a lot of high demand in the rental business in Pune.

Mainly focused on the Pune market, RentFlux has also been catering up to the trend of the rise of the software industry in Pune

Property maintenance and renting out can be a daunting task for an owner. RentFlux frees up property owners from all the hassles involved in Property care. At its core, the company is composed of a core group of people all hailing from technical professional background. The Co-owners ­ Nihar Adkar and Dinesh Mundada, both have a combined experience of 25 years in the property management sector, and with that comes excellent knowledge of all the technical issues involved in Property Care.

Additionally, the duo has observed that there is no transparency in the dealings involved in the renting business. Most often, the owners are the ones who feel cheated afterwards. If the owner wants to sell their property, RentFlux tries to protect the owner's interest first, "We focus mainly on owners; we try to bring in the maximum benefits to the owners", asserts Nihar Adkar.

With a successful track record that has seen RentFlux free up the hassles involved in Property Care for Indian, as well as, Non-resident Indian clients ­ the company is looking forward to diverge into Property Management Advisory & Consultancy in an attempt to offer a truly unique combination in the Property Care space of Pune.