Romell Serene: Giving Mumbai's Bustling Suburbs A Taste Of Luxury

 Domnic Romell,   Managing Director

Domnic Romell

Managing Director

Mumbai’s growing urbanization, escalating economic prosperity, and dynamic demographics with a vast young and diverse population demand upscale living options to meet their transforming lifestyles. When people driving the city’s growth return home, they wish for a haven that is wrapped in luxury and comfort. Ending the day in a peaceful place that they can call home is what Mumbaikars are seeking. With such demands, the city’s real estate market is revamping, with the prominent Romell Group taking on the challenge of introducing a taste of luxurious comfort in Mumbai’s suburbs. Nestled within the calm IC Colony of the Borivali West region of Mumbai, Romell Serene is redefining opulence, elegance, and luxury. Setting a new benchmark in modern living, Romell Serene is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the residents through impec-cable amenities, keen attention to detail, and a host of exceptional features.

Refined Living

Romell Group has a reputation for developing some of the most premium and prestigious residential buildings illuminating the Mumbai skyline with unparalleled sophistication. Romell Serene is yet another succes-sfully executed project featuring 2BHK and 3BHK apartments to suit the varied needs of modern investors and residents. Designed and built with eagle-eye attention to detail, this project encapsulates some amazing features and amenities that redefine luxurious living.

“Romell Serene offers a wide range of amenities that contribute to the overall living experience of its residents. From recreational facil-ities like the party lawn, children's play area, and multi-purpose court, to wellness amenities like the yoga room and reflexology path, Romell Serene ensures that residents have access to everything they need for a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. These amenities not only enhance the physical well-being of residents but also foster a sense of community and belonging within the complex. Romell Serene truly sets the stage for a luxurious and enriching living experience”, says Domnic Romell, Managing Director, Romell Group.

Among the several benefits that this project offers, one of the key advantages is its strategic location. Providing convenient access to all major transport options including the newly constructed metro
station which is a mere 1 Km; prominent educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers, Romell Serene is situated in the heart of the bustling locale of Borivali. Featuring superb connectivity to different parts of the city, along with a myriad of residential amenities in a serene environment, the project has created a well-rounded lifestyle for its residents. To fulfill these objec-tives, the project also features open spaces, allowing residents to catch a breath of fresh air and natural lights. Moreover, the open spaces integrated within the project provide an opportunity for social interactions and community building, an essential part of luxury living. A critical feature of the project is the focus on the security and safety of the residents. Complete with CCTV cameras, security personnel, and access control systems, the project ensures the utmost safety of all residents.

Trusted Delivery

Bringing the comfort and sophistication of refined living to the masses, Romell Serene is a thoughtfully designed project that takes care of all the issues residents can face in this region. For instance, by including mechanical parking systems within the project, the group has resolved a significant issue of parking spaces prevalent in the region. The group has incorporated several features that address the particular needs of the region. Setting itself a class apart through spectacular views, thoughtful layouts, large windows, and more lies the project’s real USP.

Among the several avenues wherein technology has played a pivotal role in this project, the use of advanced construction materials stands out. Utilization of modern resources and materials that promise greater strength and superior durability has allowed Romell Group to develop projects that stand the test of time. While this increases the safety and longevity of the constructions, it also goes a long way in reducing maintenance requirements, ultimately benefiting residents and investors.

Through its technological embrace over the years, Romell Group has also garnered prominence for delivering projects on time and before time, a feat that only a few real estate developers could claim. “Romell Group’s commitment to delivering projects ahead of schedule sets it apart from its competitors. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and highly efficient construction methods, Romell Serene is ahead of its construction schedule and will be delivered on time with an Occupa-tional Certificate.

We believe that every customer is also an investor and deserves the best possible returns on their ‘Time, Energy, and Investment'. Our motto is not limited to just delivering homes on time but also before time with OC, and our projects stand testament to this promise. Our tagline 'Think OC, Think Romell' is the statement we are fully committed to. In all our projects, ensuring completion timelines are met is our mantra”, shares Domnic Romell.

Crafting remarkable structures that exceed expectations has become synonymous with the Romell brand. The group has established a distinct and esteemed position in the market through its ongoing commitment to innovation, creativity, and dedication. With a firm foundation laid, it is poised to advance even further in the years ahead.