Rubixinfra: Specialized In Creating Elegant Landscapes

Leela Krishna, Managing Director,Ramya Sree Ganta, Director of Operations

Leela Krishna, Managing Director

Ramya Sree Ganta, Director of Operations

The demand for landscaping services in India has grown quickly in recent years, both for Hardscape and Softscape. Growing urban populations, a growing economy, and organized Institutional players in infrastructure development - all contribute significantly to rising private sector demand. Open space and greenery are becoming more important as tech parks, and gated communities grow.

This has significantly increased the demand for high quality landscaping services in the private sector. Government initiatives are essential for enhancing total green cover as well as for ornamental landscaping since they enhance public places. The Green India Challenge and other recent initiatives, including Telangana’s Haritha Haram, have increased residents’ understanding of the environment as a whole. Since landscape projects are part of the larger construction industry, changes are gradual and not disruptive.

Rubix offers complete landscaping services, from the execution of turnkey projects to the maintenance of developed landscapes. It strives to provide top-quality landscaping services that range from hardscape and softscape to custom decks, patios, and walkways across India. Rubix is well-equipped to handle projects of any size thanks to its ground force of 65 members that are spread throughout all project locations, its specialized horticulture and civil engineering team, and assistance from consultant designers and architects.

The company has diligently worked with reputed clients and delivered over 95 projects, supplying 60 lakhs plants with its operations ranging across all major cities. Ramya Sree, Director of Operations, and a graduate of NIT Warangal say “Our efficient processes in place for green integrated infrastructure and the effective team remains the strength behind the quality and successful delivery of our landscape projects".

With a background in plant nurseries, irrigation, and agriculture since the early 2000s, Rubix started landscape turnkey projects in the year 2016. Since then, Rubix has been able to deliver projects with quality and efficiency. Since, its inception, the company has aimed to transform urban spaces for a better standard of life with its motto being Green Integrated Infrastructure. Leela Krishna, Managing Director holds a Civil Engineering degree from Bits Pilani and has a true passion for sustainable infrastructure. He says “We are proud to be delivering business services which are essential for sustainable development and environmental harmony, in an early stage of our business growth”.

Transformation Happening at a Faster Pace
Although the B2C market for landscaping services is expanding, the B2B market, which is driven by institutional players, still accounts for the majority of the market share and the long-term demand. There has been a progressive transformation since landscaping aspects like Miyawaki (urban forests), organic fruit gardens and flower gardens are being mentioned as top features in the property market.
“We see this as a welcoming shift and are equipped to meet the market demands as an end-to-end landscape service provider. Also, prioritizing our client needs and providing excellent service to them remains our core principle”, says Leela Krishna, Managing Director, Rubix Infra. “As landscape service providers, challenges such as uncertain weather patterns and impractical project deadlines are only the easiest to debate about. When dealing with living entities, handling supply chain issues is the toughest for us”, says Ramya Sree, Director of Operations. Sometimes, it is seen that miscellaneous costs are way higher in the overall project cost and that cannot be quantified. This makes it impractical if the landscape budgets are negotiated and fixed like that of construction activities. In most cases, civil engineers and project planners handle softscape activities both at tendering stage and even at site level, the intricacies are least bothered about in such cases. Effective budget allocation and practical project timelines are important for delivering high-quality landscapes.

A Blend of Passion, Personnel, and the Latest Technologies
With a passion for green integrated infrastructure, Rubix Infra has developed immense expertise in emerging techniques like sustainable infrastructure, green buildings, vertical gardens, green roofs, indoor aesthetics, and so on. It is an experienced team that is driven by passion and quickly adapting to the latest technologies in the industry. The company is capable of handling end-to-end landscape services, executing turnkey contracts, and services ranging all across hardscape, softscape, and irrigation. Rubix gets involved in every aspect of landscape services right from concept and design to execution and maintenance when working with a client.

When Rubix was asked for large-scale grass installation for a Data Centre in Hyderabad, the firm was quick to recommend hydroseeding, a technology that is firstly introduced in India by them. The company recognizes Indian-specific needs and hence develops appropriate technology solutions accordingly. The firm has always believed that there is an excellent scope for landscaping in India, owing to its tropical climate and rich flora. The company’s forte lies in providing landscape solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Rubix Infra is actively looking to integrate technology into landscape services as and when required. Currently, sensor-based landscape care is the need of the hour. Therefore, the firm is committed to operating efficiently and using new technology as per the need of the project. We are a young team driven by passion, quickly adapting to the latest technologies in the industry.

Indoor Greenery in Trend
There is a substantial rise in demand for indoor greenery to improve residential and workplace aesthetics and wellbeing. To cater to the indoor segment, technical expertise in the selection of plants and maintenance varies from regular softscape needs. Rubix Infra handles indoor operations meticulously with a dedicated team of professionals. The company is attempting to provide innovative planter types and vertical garden ideas for more efficient survival of plants in vertical spaces. Today, green roofs are crucial for sustainable construction, so it pays close attention to the most recent developments in drainage media that are pertinent to the installation of green roofs.

Landscaping Requires Precise Planning and Regular Maintenance
Rubix Infra believes that landscape services should never be assessed in terms of return on investment, as it greatly contributes to the standard of life. In today’s time and age where everyone is looking for instant results, not many people are aware that Bengaluru earned the title of ‘Green City’ due to its diligent efforts since the 1980s. The city’s natural beauty may also be a factor in the private sector’s preference for high-quality landscapes. The actual problem is that the benefits of landscaping take longer time to show results. In addition to the initial investment, there is a recurring cost for regular maintenance as well which sometimes makes it less likely for infrastructure developers to allocate enough funds for overall landscaping and green space in particular.

When creativity and landscape as a service are merged, there is a potential to create extraordinary landmarks

Future Plans & Expectations
Rubix is also providing indoor services for a better workplace environment to its corporate clients and venturing into new technologies like hydroseeding to cater to large-scale commercial projects. The company has a distinctive clientele and has completed projects for Godrej, Manyata, Bagmane Tech Park, Brookfield, Puravankara, RMZ, Amazon, Google, BIAL, RGI Airport, GHMC, and many more in the public, private, and MNC sectors. With its current operations in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai, it has plans to increase its footprint in other cities including Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi in the near future.