SAV India: Delivering Proven Methods & Trusted Valuations

Divyaanshu K Nagpal,Managing Director

Divyaanshu K Nagpal

Managing Director

The real estate sector in the country is going through a phase of big disruption. With the `Housing for All' mandate taken up by the current government, real estate and infrastructure sectors are likely to be the key pillars for the Indian economy in the coming decade. While tier 2 & 3 cities are eyeing developments, property valuers will need to build their expertise in newer markets, get attuned to newer challenges, use technology to reduce both time and cost incurred for executing a valuation report. This is where the need for young, technologically enabled organizations arises. New-Delhi based SAV (Surveyors & Valuers) India is one such data driven non-design, engineering house working in the space of real estate and infrastructure that delivers results and establish its credibility in the market with the use of latest technology, tools and a well trained team to execute the work on ground. "Extensive use of technology helps us scale faster, have higher accuracy levels, data storage and analytics help us evaluate geographies better and eliminate manual errors. Our research capabilities help us extensively study new geographies in a quick span of time and scale up," says Divyaanshu K Nagpal, Managing Director.

Led by Divyaanshu K Nagpal, SAV India came into being in 2016 with the objective to build a technology enabled surveying and
valuations company across sectors and asset classes. The company's valuation services are largely focused towards the Affordable Housing segment. It also aims at valuing real estate assets that large housing finance corporations, NBFCs and other financial institutions are funding in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. "Our home-grown valuation application ­ Smart Valuer helps us in undertaking these valuations effectively in a short span of time. We also undertake financial valuations for companies and wealth tax related valuations," he informs.

SAV India's valuation services are largely focused towards the Affordable Housing segment

Besides land / topographic surveys which are more commonly offered services, SAV India also holds strong expertise in preparing as-built / as-is drawings that are required for large renovation / interior projects. "Our research-based consultancy services vary from feasibility studies for various real estate assets, due diligence for private equity firms or other financial institutions, area studies for various micro markets," adds Ritesh Ranjan, a qualified architect and a Director in SAV India.

An Edge over Others
Unlike other traditional valuation firms, SAV India uses big data and technology to drive its valuation vertical. Through pin code mapping, its application is able to review all the valuations that have been released through its software in the past forming trends. Also, a strong research background and diverse skill-sets within the organisation helps the company in effectively executing its market research and analysis of various micro markets in regards to real estate. "Our team diversifies from civil engineers, architects, data analysts and research executives to financial analysts who together help in delivering quality market research reports or deliver micro market intelligence that our clients use," adds Deepti Baru who leads the company's valuation operations in western India. SAV India largely works with most large housing finance companies, small banks, NBFCs and other financial institutions. Its surveying arm has executed projects for large retail chains, hospitality chains, government organizations, amongst others. The company is currently functional across multiple micro-markets including Delhi NCR, Mumbai MR, Meerut, Agra & periphery area, Jaipur & periphery area, parts of Haryana including industrial towns of Sonepat, Bahadurgarh and Panipat. It has plans to extend its reach further in the coming financial year to more parts of Maharashtra & Uttar Pradesh.