Sijcon Consultants: Designing Architecture by Pushing the Envelop

Viral S Jasubhai ,Managing Director

Viral S Jasubhai

Managing Director

Starting from a complex design to time consuming draft work the architecture is a mix of technology as well as multidisciplinary approaches in the engineering field. It comprises plethora of methods including planning, construction, and operation of building, integration of environmental systems of HVAC and fire protection among its fundamental elements. Founded in the year 1961 Sijcon Consultants has witnessed the era of rapid industrialization where architectural engineering services were in demand. Since its inception the company has maintained a steady policy of innovation continually adopting the most progressive techniques both in design and construction.

Sijcon’s operational philosophy is to create a functional imaginative and aesthetically pleasing architecture, within the framework of a realistic construction budget. With more than five decades of experience Sijcon has acquired the skill and knowledge to evaluate a project and create the right strategy to maximize its value. “As architects we assure success to our clients by providing them state-of-the-art architectural options with quality and cost effective solutions” says Viral S Jasubhai Managing Director, Sijcon.

Sijcon molds designs by tailoring it to the project requirements typical of the current industry and international standards. By following the design ethos of 'pushing the envelope' the company engages in a highly collaborative work, accommodating to the entire site specific nuances that forge particular needs and environments. Being passionate about design and technical excellence Sijcon is committed to deliver the highest customer satisfaction through quality service tailored designs, cost effective consultation efficient project management and systematic execution of on-site work. By offering all services inhouse, it achieves better collaboration and co-ordination as well as higher cost savings for customers. The corporate objective of the company is to deliver safe, cost effective and innovative design solution, consistent project monitoring, on time project completion upgrading of employee competency, maintain high standards of safety health and environment at all work places and adhere to all statutory requirements.

Sijcon starts with its projects by elaborating on the client needs and requirements

Sijcon starts with its projects by elaborating on the client needs and requirements. After an extensive utilization of modular planning elements, the company has been able to achieve short planning periods with the highest execution reliability possible. By offering all services inhouse, Sijcon has acquired better coordination and greater economy for its clients. For the common pain points of the customers including budget time constraints, and labor shortage the company leverages own capabilities to understand the local markets with an added benefit of contacts, and assists in finding the best in the industry that suits their time frame and budget. One of the many companies which earned vital benefits from Sijcon includes Trident Group based out of Budhni, Madhya Pradesh. Sijcon assisted them in the completion of 160,000 sq m of industrial building within scheduled time and budget, as well as ran the trials and commissioning within another eight months. Currently, Sijcon is mainly focused on industrial projects centered on the private sector. The company continues to adopt new technological advancements in its business processes one being the Enterprise Running Program which got recently implemented.