Speed Infra: Creating Masterpiece Real Estate Projects In Hyderabad


Speed Infra is emerging as a most desirable real estate company for home buyers in Hyderabad. The company is committed to create living spaces that enhance the quality of life for individuals and families through thoughtful design and innovation.

Speed collaborates with industry’s most sought-after professionals to develop segment defining projects that exceed its clients’ expectations. “We are constantly reinventing ourselves to explore newer avenues and implement innovative practices in the real estate sector to provide our customers, with a unique product and experience”, says Rahul Prasad, Promoter of Speed Infra.

Thrive on Innovation & Collective Growth
Speed thrives on core values of innovation and collective growth. True to a visionary zeal, Speed infra is driven to uncover new areas of growth potential backed by strong research and insight. Areas that promise a greater value in terms of both appreciation and advancement in lifestyle concepts at locations that can provide an edge by creating an enhanced quality of lifestyle and an appreciating asset with higher yield on investment.

Speed has been pushing the boundaries, questioning the status quo, proactively embracing technologies that drive their work planning, create higher efficiencies, eliminating redundancies and impacting a positive change. “We openly embrace ideas and work with all the stakeholders to realise a vision of value creation via an open culture of working, appreciating ideas and introducing concepts that create a visible difference”, says Rahul Prasad.

Speed’s Projects – A Perfect Fusion of Aesthetic Appeal & Uncompromising Quality
Speed infra’s flagship project ‘Xora city’ at Tukkuguda is a 100+ acre premium township with 120 ft and 100 ft masterplan roads and a concept based projects flaunting exceptional amenities with unparalleled quality of life.

Constella, one of the premium residential projects in Xora city, provides the ultimate villa life with courtyard concept at its heart, is inspired by the virtues and joys that the traditional courtyard living has provided us. Planned around unique cluster and neighbourhood living, Constella offers luxury courtyard homes that combine connectivity, serenity, and exclusivity in perfect measure, while ensuring high-end urban living.

Constella is strategically located in the proximity of strongly emerging Aerocity, E-city, Adibatla IT SEZs, Aerospace Park, Hardware Park and the upcoming Pharma City and World Trade Centre.

Constella in Xora City at Exit 14 is seamlessly connected to every part of the city via ORR. Residents can travel effortlessly to any part of the city in a mere 20- 30 minutes, via the ORR.

Present in 27 acres of land, Constella has around 183 villas with world-class amenities. What’s unique is like never-before theme gardens, each uniquely different. The 15 gardens have been passionately designed and detailed, so that there is a variety of experiences right within your expansive outdoors.

For the first time, homeowners can enjoy living in a luxurious villa community that opens to gardens in 15 different themes, look, feel and fragrance. Ranging from the sights and sounds of the Garden of Colour to the romance of the Garden of Flowers to the dramatic setting of the Garden of Moonlight – no two experiences are the same, no two moments are mundane. Speed’s Constella brings nature in all its moods to the families who seek to escape from the concrete of the city.
The villas at Constella are of 5 BHK ranging between 4200 sq. ft. and 5400 sq. ft., boast of an orientation in landscape format to give maximum road facing advantage unlike a conventionally designed villa to ensure they spell luxury and opulence in every way. This orientation brings to life homes that are flooded with ample light and good ventilation throughout the day. The dining rooms have wide French windows that open into the signature feature, a triple height internal courtyard to let the sunshine and breeze flow freely, for children to play in and for the family to create happy memories. The luxurious and dreamy bedrooms and guest rooms are also truly a delight.

The lush foliage and internal roads surrounding the homes offer a sense of seclusion, providing residents with unparalleled privacy. The uniquely crafted villas are efficiently planned to maximize the effective use of space, ensuring that residents experience the difference that thoughtful design can make in promoting good living.

The company believes that a well-conceived real estate space has the power to transform lives & a smart design can impact the way people engage with their surroundings

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Creating outstanding work that shows for itself and leads a market benchmark, is possible only by collaborative efforts of competent and qualified professionals who come with a proven track record. At speed we follow it as a cardinal principle and ensure to hand best-in-class architects, landscape artists, engineers, master planners and amenity providers to create a fulfilling destination for living. A team with several years of domain experience as well as technology and management expertise fuels Speed’s success.

Growing Stronger Together
Speed Infra believes in inclusive development of all its stakeholders be it customers, investors, partners or employees. They have been striving to make a mark in the real estate realm as a pioneer in innovation through its exemplary values, skills, experience and commitment to excellence.

The company is dedicated to achieving its vision of being the ‘leading real estate company in Hyderabad’ by creating an energetic, positive, result-driven work environment focused on the investment and development of long-term relationships built on mutual trust.

The group thrives on team work that creates a lead work. Every aspect of a Speed Infra project is an exercise in excellence. We work with best-in-class architects, landscape artists, engineers, layout planners, and amenity providers to create a fulfilling destination for living.

Our consulting partners include PMC & Marketing Partner - JLL, Principal Architects - Team One India, Interior Designers - Aamir & Hameeda Interior Designers, Landscape Architects - Rrbun Shapes, and Branding - Hitha Designs.

Navigating Change, Realizing Aspirations: Our Dynamic Approach
Speed recognizes the utmost importance of comprehending the needs of today’s discerning customers, savvy investors, and individuals seeking a modern and intelligent lifestyle. This understanding is a fundamental aspect of Speed’s forward-thinking in the new age.

Speed Infra operates with the utmost transparency, focusing on the customer’s experience throughout their entire journey with the organization. Moving beyond mere transactions, their approach is holistic and empathetic, fostering a cooperative partnership with the customer.

Future Plans
As Speed Infra looks ahead, its primary objective is to establish top-notch asset value homes by incorporating innovative design concepts and ensuring flawless execution. The company is prepared to expand its presence in Southern Hyderabad with exciting new ventures.

The company’s upcoming project NTANYA is again a concept-based villa community. NTANYA is based on the frontyard podium concept where the living areas are free from the parking areas. These villas are thoughtfully designed with life at its centre. With NTANYA, the company yet again focuses to retain the greenery around living spaces.