SSB Properties: A Prominent and Potential Real Estate Consultancy Organization

Vishal V Parwani,OwnerToday, whether purchasing or renting homes, the biggest problem faced by consumers is fixing the right price for the property.

Another difficult factor is lack of patience, when getting the property possession on time and renting out the property, most of the customers become impatient. in real estate, which entails abnormal cyclical shifts, A world of patience and long-term investment is required, the customer who gets the most advantage is the one who holds on to it the longer and who has patience.

Established in the year 2002, SSB Properties is the brainchild of Vishal V Parwani which was incepted as a small venture to provide rental locations for residential, commercial and industrial use. Eventually, by understanding the industry requirements and their customers from different parts of the country and across the globe, SSB Properties has emerged as a prominent leader in real estate consultancy.

SSB Properties have taken into account the cross-cultured immigrant population and the advantages of globalization, and the services range from supplying corporate officials with residential rental properties to buying land for Bangalore IT park projects. Vishal Parwani, Owner, SSB Properties says, "We provide `Total Real-estate Solutions' which itself is the signature line of our logo. Right from understanding our client's requirements and budget constraints, we source the best
property suitable, be it ready to occupy or under construction."

The company offers end-to-end services starting from selecting the right floor plan, negotiation, coordinating on legal opinion, follow up on payment schedule and construction status, checking the snag list, take the possession, getting the property furnished, renting out to the right desired tenant, collection of rent, attending and monitoring the property during the tenancy, renewing the rent agreement every 11 months, and when the tenant vacates, checking the inventory, re-doing the property, again re-renting, and when the time is right, helping in re-selling the property and again re-investing to a new and better property.

Managing properties ­ we man-age properties of many people who are staying out of the country and in other city of India but have properties in Bangalore,

Properties of people who are business men and industrialists who are over busy in their schedules, - here we provide end to end solutions,

Of lately we are having now many senior citizens as our customers who find it difficult to manage their properties we take of all their properties in terms of collecting rents, upkeep and also help in consolidating and selling.

Stand-Out Unique in the Market
A differentiating factor that makes SSB Properties stand out unique in the market is all the facilities are done FREE OF COST, except for broker-age nothing is charged to the owners, the redoing, furnishing, of the property, is done on actuals charged by the concerned providers all the work is done with supervision. Vishal Parwani adds, "Our business played an excellent role in keeping the current tenants in this pandemic situation and working with the owners on some changes and temporary rent corrections and wherever possible to assist tenants and owners in the adjustments to go through this pandemic. We could see that only 3 percent of our management stocks were vacant."

SSB Properties foresee a better opportunity in the coming months as people now have realized the importance of investing in properties and deriving rental returns from it and, people from other states and countries are likely to invest in Bangalore and would require their services for managing and renting a steady flow of rents has turned out to be a good revenue generator.

Some of the major clients to whom SSB Properties have offered their services to many individuals, companies, VVIPs, NGO's, MNCs, and many first time buyers as well as multiple investors, . Also, the company is planning to double its revenue in the next couple of years.