SSB Properties: All Round, Transparent & Ethical Real Estate Solutions

Vishal V Parwani,FounderReal estate has always been considered as one of the smartest investment avenues. Not only does it help diversify one’s investment portfolio, but also possesses high tangible asset value. However, a poorly thought-out real estate investment can become a liability as well. Making the right decisions at the right time is detrimental is acing real estate investments. Helping customers make smart choices is SSB Properties, a specialized property dealer with expertise in selling, marketing and promoting properties. Headquartered in Bangalore, the firm renders all round real estate solutions to clients. “Right from understanding our client’s requirements and budget constraints, we source the best property, be it ready to occupy or under construction,” adds Vishal V Parwani, Founder, SSB Properties. Founded in 2002, the company has so far aided various prestigious clients in buying and managing the property of their choice.

Zeroing on the Right Property
The process of buying and up
keeping properties is complex as several factors need to be kept in mind. Initially, customers face challenges in finding a property within their allocated budget which possesses all the required amenities at their desired location. SSB Properties helps clients set realistic expectations and prioritize their needs while zeroing in on a property. Several clients also make the mistake of becoming impatient without understanding that the world of real estate requires patience and long-term investments. “The real estate landscape involves abnormal cyclic changes and is beneficial to clients who can hold on to the investment longer,”explains Vishal.

"SSB Properties Aids Clients To Make The Right Choice While Keeping In Mind The Quality, Brand, Location And Future Indicative Appreciation"

It is also crucial for customers to fix the right price, while buying and renting out a property. The company aids clients to make the right choice, while keeping in mind the quality, brand, location and future indicative appreciation. Making sure that clients overcome these challenges, SSB Properties extends its expertise right from helping them select the right project, picking the right floor plan, negotiations, coordinating on legal opinion, following-up on payment schedules & construction status, and checking the snag list to finally taking the possession. The team adopts a personal approach, while working with clients and treats each project as its own investment. SSB Properties carries-out all its
services, while upholding sincerity, trust,transparency and ethics.

Renting & Upkeep of Property
This real estate expert is known to render end-to-end services to clients and also takes care of the renting and up keeping of the property. Once the right property has been handed over to the client, SSB Properties works on getting the property furnished, renting-out to the right desired tenant, collection of rent, attending & monitoring the property during the tenancy, renewing the rent agreement every 11 months, and checking the inventory when a tenant vacates, re-doing the property, re-renting, and helping re-sell the property when the time is right. “We often come across clients who are reluctant to spend in the upkeep of the property,” explains Vishal. SSB Properties explains its clients the importance of painting their property internally every three years and externally every 10 years, periodical carpentry, plumbing and electrical work. “Home owners must allocate about five percent of their annual rent for the property’s upkeep,” Vishal adds.

It is interesting to note that the firm provides these additional facilities free of cost and only charges for the brokerage. Handling over 50 units currently, the company is anticipating to double its clients count within the next year owing to implementation of RERA and GST.