Stump Consultancy: Steering Optimal Project's Success By Offering The Needed Sales Velocity

Ashish Sharma & Aditya Thakur ,Co-FoundersPune's real estate market holds significant untapped potential, despite mature markets in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi. The city offers a range of quality real estate products, but the key lies in providing expert advisory services tailored to each client. However today, there's a prevalent focus on salesmanship, often overshadowing the crucial role of offering personalized guidance.

Founded in January 2023, STUMP Consultancy is a young and vibrant company led by three veterans Ashish Sharma, Aditya Thakur & Pralhad Mundada who bring a combined experience of more than two decades in the real estate space. From the get go, STUMP's mission has been to revolutionize developer sales and marketing, which is evident in their three successful closures in NIBM and Punawale.

Upcoming launches in Akurdi, Wakad & Hinjewadi further exemplify the team’s dedication to excellence. And beyond mandates, STUMP acts as a trusted advisor, tailoring portfolios for successful closures. Strategic collaborations through Annual Operating Plans (AOPs) with developers are supporting them to successfully drive projects towards mutual success.

“Our primary aim is to be advisors, not sellers. We deeply understand the client's needs, ensuring the recommended real estate aligns with their preferences and requirements. Recognizing that buying a home is deeply emotional, we approach it with utmost transparency and empathy”, says Ashish Sharma, Co-Founder, STUMP Consultancy.
“For clients looking to invest, our expertise extends to identifying locations with potential for appreciable price growth. Currently, Pune's western commercial market is experiencing notable growth. This area offers a surge in commercial spaces with robust demand. Commercial clients, be end-users or investors, seek a discernible return on investment. Hence, we are completely focused on articulating expected returns, as commercial real estate primarily aims to generate business profits”, he adds.

Offering Comprehensive Solutions to Developers
Unlike consultants focusing on specific areas, Team STUMP takes on projects across Pune, covering East, West, and North. Pune's expanding infrastructure, including the upcoming ring road and airport, open up opportunities city-wide. Beyond sales and marketing, the company advises on land acquisitions and tailor product design to each location's needs. Their expertise comes from hands-on product development experience, ensuring a deep understanding of market demands.

Furthermore, the company brings an edge due to its practical approach to product design. Both Ashish and Aditya actively engage on field, understanding developer needs and creating cash flow plans for construction stages, prioritizing velocity. This focus on swift sales has led to impressive results. In just nine months of operation, the company has sold three projects in just three to four months, surpassing the initial 18-month projection. This approach significantly aids developers in cash flow and construction management while strengthening their own finances.

Beyond sales & marketing, stump consultancy advises on land acquisitions & tailored product design

“Typically, partners hesitate to refer leads to a specific organization, fearing potential client loss. Yet, our partners have shown exceptional confidence in our abilities, contributing significantly to our success”, highlights Aditya Thakur, Co-Founder, STUMP Consultancy.

Further, both the founders wear multiple hats, serving as HR, sales heads, among other areas. They are further backed by a competent team of seasoned professionals who have always gone above and beyond to exceed expectations.

STUMP Consultancy’s operations are currently concentrated in Pune, with offices in Mundhwa and Wakad. Going forward, the expansion plans for the next fiscal year would be to enter Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a promising and an untapped market, as clients there often invest in Mumbai and Pune due to a lack of specialized consultants. Upon successfully closing this fiscal year, including several AOP signing, and promising retail plans underway, the company is sure to gain further recognition from key developers in the market while achieving 2X growth every year.