Sumiraj Industries: Committed to Quality, Timely & Customized PEB Solutions

Mihir Singh, Managing Director,Dinesh Sonone, CEOPEB brings a number of advantages, akin to lightweight & easy to install, large clear, resistant to most oils, chemicals and solvents, and even minimizes electric consumption for maintaining desired temperatures. Hence, the demand for PEB industry is growing profoundly, and India is expected to experience this growth at 11.63 percent CAGR by 2020 due to the growing demand in both commercial and residential segments. However, the industry faces a major challenge of frequent changes to the design, which impacts the production flow and defaults the project delivery timeline.

But Sumiraj Industries has a solution to this ever growing dilemma. “We change the production flow and planning with the help of our highly experienced team to still be able to deliver the project on the committed time,” explains Mihir Singh, Managing Director, Sumiraj Industries. The company takes pride in its accomplished team of engineers and top management that holds over 15 years of industry experience, who steer the company in the right direction. Leveraging this expertise, Sumiraj offers an array of services to the construction sector, ranging from design, fabrication and erection of pre-engineered buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, to pre-engineered metal buildings. The worldclass panels with standard accessories ensure complete system is airtight, hygienic, highly energy efficient and built for lifetime usage.

Nothing but the Best
Following an indigenous process, Sumiraj undertakes every step that leads to quality delivery through its quality managers.
Post the agreement, Sumiraj’s design team designs the layout using latest applications and plans for the proposed project. Once the plan is approved, the raw materials are ordered and sent for testing to assure quality standards when received. “We start the project by laying-out the plan to all the manufacturing teams who are allotted a time span to finish the assigned work. This timeline is then shared with the clients to keep them updated,” explains Dinesh Sonone, CEO, Sumiraj Industries.

We start the project by laying-out the plan to all the manufacturing teams who are allotted a time span to finish the assigned work

Post this, the manufacturing process starts that include cutting, tacking, saw welding, fabrication (CP), final welding, and finishing (beams and columns are checked for any inconsistencies and the necessary correction is done if any). Once the beams and columns are ready, they are painted and dispatched to clients’ construction site (post taking the weight of the materials loaded) along with the quality team to make sure that the erection process of the building is done in a proper order. Further, to cement durability, the company ensures that all the stages of the manufacturing process are done in accordance to the best industry standards.

“Through the various projects that we have worked with Sumiraj Industries, we have always found them to deliver on the allotted timeline with the best quality standards,” testifies Kuntal Taneja, Managing Director, Rainbow International. Sumiraj’s commitment to quality, timely delivery and customization has earned the company many more fanfare, which translates to repeat business.

Dinesh Sonone, CEO

Currently expanding its existing one acre of working space, which will enable the company to manufacture 1000 tons per month by 2020, Sumiraj has scripted leak-proof plans for the future. It has acquired four acres of land for setting-up its second factory, close to the upcoming Jewar International Airport in Delhi-NCR, which will eventually bring-up the production capacity to 5000 tons per month.