Tekton Studio: Transforming Innovative Design Ideas Into Sustainable & Visionary Architecture

  Gaurav Chandiwala,     Design Principal

Gaurav Chandiwala

Design Principal

Based Based out of New Delhi and established in 2015, Tekton Studio is an interdisciplinary practice involved in rigorous design and research that yields innovative, iconic buildings and urban environments. The organization provides services in architecture, interiors, urban design, heritage conservation and revitalization, Research and innovation, sustainability, and products such as furniture and lights.

Tekton Studio strives to accomplish a vast array of projects such as residential (independent houses and apartments), workspaces (office spaces), retail (boutique stores), Food and Beverage (cafe and restaurants), commercial buildings and interiors, institutional buildings, and interiors, hospitality buildings and interiors, civic structure and interiors, and large-scale master plans and infrastructure projects (airports and multifamily group housings).

"Technology can be a tool for architecture, firms, allowing them to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve project outcomes"

“At Tekton Studio, we aspire to provide contemporary and elegant architectural designs that could surpass clients’ expectations and at the same time stay true
to operational needs. We have a good mix of professionals and partners who help us reach the desired results for our projects”, adds Gaurav Chandiwala, Design Principal, Tekton Studio.

Technology can be a tool for architecture, firms, allowing them to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve project outcomes. What differentiates Tekton Studio from other players in the market is that the organization relies immensely on novel and innovative technologies to attain the best possible solutions for the clients. To create a more sensitive built environment,Tekton studio strives to combine creativity and craft with modern technology in construction. “We approach the designing process utilizing physical models, mock-ups, 3D computer modeling, and BIM. Technology is an essential tool that helps us provide new and innovative ways to design, plan, and execute building projects”, shares Gaurav.

“We have a team of qualified architects and designers who are passionate about the work they do. We also work closely with consultants and engineers who are industry experts to provide assured superior quality projects to our clients. Collaboration with other designers is the key to addressing the rising needs of the industry. As associates with S Ghosh & Associates, Delhi we have worked on some key projects like star-rated hotels and airports”, shares Gaurav. These associations have helped in technology transfer and better resolution of projects in tighter time frames.

Architecture Is The Art To Create Spaces That Connects Humans With Nature In Many Ways Than The Ordinary. Every Project Of Ours Is An Exploration Into That, To Craft Buildings That Are Sensory & Give An Experience That Moves Us Beyond Our Imagination

Having worked at many different scales across the country some projects include an airport for a tier 2 city, a multi family group housing, two boutique luxury hotels, institutional renovations for some of the established schools in Delhi, and private projects including houses and apartments, Gaurav feels that the future of architecture lies in innovation that is informed by the context, materiality and flexibility of space. Tekton Studio aims to keep growing and providing impeccable services to become one of the most sought-after organizations in the architecture industry.