Tenanted: Your Personal Property Manager

 Aryan,  Co-Founder



The property management market is a rapidly growing industry that offers a wide range of services to property owners. By 2029, global property management market revenue is expected to reach $37.25 billion. Property management companies have experienced significant growth in recent years as more property owners are seeking professional assistance in managing their properties. Property management is poised to continue growing as demand for these services increases. This is where Tenanted comes in. Founded in 2018 in Bangalore, Tenanted provides property owners with a hassle-free experience and ensures that their properties are well-maintained and profitable.

Tenanted envisions becoming a platform where landlords and tenants can connect, feel secure about renting property, and not worry about property upkeep. The process of renting a property should be simple and have minimal risk. The firm has a dedicated personal property manager who works with the property owner in a relationship based model that ensures accountability and accessibility into the resolution process through a single point contact, resulting in fast and accurate outcomes. Each of the firm's property managers undertakes specialized training in the field and is committed to property management as a profession. The managers engage in several projects in various locations and gain a broad understanding of property management. The property manager works closely with the client and addresses their needs.

Pain Points
Tenanted's clientele consists mainly of NRIs, senior executives, and senior citizens who own upmarket properties that require personal care, such as tenancy management, property repairs, frequent inspections, and rent collection. The most common problems absentee owners face when renting out their apartments are loss of rent due to vacancy, lack of proper documentation and book keeping, unverified tenants, delayed or no repair, complaints from neighbors or associations, and damage to equipment and materials.
Efficient & Intuitive Customer Service
Tenanted offers various services to its clients, such as personalized property management, tenancy management services, supervised home renovation, and detailed property inspection services. The firm's unique services are perfect for remote property owners who want to optimize their ROI. Tenanted incorporates CRM, Ticketing, and Accounting software for optimized service delivery and employs time tested video calls to explain issues and propose solutions for property renovation and repairs. With Tenanted, customers get additional benefits, such as 24/7 access to an experienced personal property manager, which similar companies fail to provide.

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome
Tenanted has had many successful cases but is most proud of the one from the COVID pandemic when tenants would vacate and vendors would disperse to their hometowns. The firm sourced local vendors, guaranteed work for them, and arranged for pick-up and drop-off. It also focused on reaching out to the maximum number of potential tenants online and making the property stand out by sanitizing,deep cleaning and improving ventilation. Considering the restrictions on movement, the firm arranged for detailed videos of the property with all its features and surroundings. When asked about the success of the firm, the CEO of Tenanted, Aryan shares, "We are delighted that we have been able to maintain and build on what we originally set out to accomplish which was making property owner's lives comfortable through effective property management".

Future Roadmap
The firm plans to leverage its experience and competence to branch out into new, related areas of business, as well as expand to other metro cities. Tenanted’s immediate focus will involve expanding into the NCR region and Hyderabad.