Trayam Architects : Designing Spaces That Enhance Lives & Make An Impact

Ar. Manasa Vaddepally,  Founder & Principal Architect

Ar. Manasa Vaddepally

Founder & Principal Architect

The architectural and interior designing industry’s growth has gained momentum in recent years. The industry’s growth is being fueled by rapid infrastructure development initiatives, the booming real estate market, the governmental goal of developing 100 smart cities by 2025, as well as evolving consumer preferences and increased disposable incomes. This evolving landscape is not just driving more opportunities for experts, but also keeping them on their toes, demanding out-of-the-box ideas continuously.

However, despite the growing demand for the creation of modern spaces that balance aesthetic appeal with functionality, customers can face challenges like projects not being delivered on time, lack of creative ideas and standout designs, or over commitment and under-delivering by professionals. Putting a rest to such concerns through stellar designing prowess, and punctual delivery driven by customer-centric values is Trayam Architects. Based in Hyderabad, the firm, founded in 2019, has rapidly become a popular choice in the region, having completed over 165 small and large projects in the short span since its founding.

Enhancing Lives Through Design

Trayam Architects, established by the dynamic Ar. Manasa Vaddepally (Founder & Principal Architect at Trayam), who brings an expansive experience in the field, having worked on over 165 projects, was built from the strong belief that great design can enhance lives and make a difference for people who utilize it and engage with it. Under her leadership, the firm shines as an ingenious group leveraging imagination, tech, and experience to build outstanding projects that mirror the vision of the owners.

Trayam Architects offers comprehensive architecture services for residential and commercial projects, interior design solutions, and landscape design services, customized by understanding the unique ideas and requirements of each client. Adding its signature twist of creativity, architectural expertise, and designing skills to create spaces, Trayam delves into the minutest details, ensuring that every nook and corner of the space is appropriate for its use.

“We at Trayam Architects, have been continuously working to provide the best outcomes in the streams of architecture, interior designing, landscape architecture, residential and commercial projects. We have an excellent team of civil engineers, architects, and interior designers who are committed to the satisfaction of the client and design philosophy. Our design philosophy features an intelligent integration of architecture into the interior space. Our distinctive specializations across unique design projects allow us to provide a full range of design services”, shares Ar. Manasa Vaddepally, Founder and Principal Architect, Trayam Architects.

With Hyderabad undergoing a complete transformation, the demand for architectural services is high, specifically for professionals who can deliver mixed-use integrated developments that combine design styles of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Additionally, the demand for designing and developing distinctive workspaces that offer a collaborative and flexible vibe is also rising, and Trayam is welcoming these dynamic demands to grow into a thriving firm that offers outstanding
services and solutions aligned with the latest market trends and client aspirations.

Diversity of Design

Offering a spectrum of designing services, Trayam Architects has grown into a firm that delivers original design ideas that aim to truly reflect the essence of the space. The novelty of its designs reinforces the team’s excellence in the domain, which is visible through the many sophisticated spaces it has created.

Offering a spectrum of designing services, Trayam Architects has grown into a firm that delivers out-of-the-box design ideas that aim to truly reflect the essence of the project

The Heart Cup Cafe, for instance, a bar and lounge located in Kompally features a cozy and welcoming ambiance accentuated with warm lighting and natural elements including wood, plants, and an open layout along with the integration of flexible spaces. On the other hand, the firm has also designed the Oval Building, which is a commercial office space featuring a sleek and modern design with contemporary furnishings, a neutral color theme, and expansive windows to draw in the natural light to uplift the vibe and boost productivity. The addition of artistic elements further highlights the unique personality of the building. Further explaining how widespread Trayam’s vision for varied places is its work on the Vessella Meadows Villa, Narsingi, which presents the perfect example of opulence and luxury. Complete with lavish furnishings, high-end finishes, and spacious layouts, this project blends comfort, elegance, exclusivity, and functionality.

Beyond the multiplicity of its designing capabilities, what makes Trayam Architects stand out is the team’s integration of multiple approaches to deliver design solutions that are of the highest quality, meeting, and exceeding the requirements and goals of the clients. To assure project quality, the firm conducts extensive design reviews at various stages, assessing compliance with the project’s requirements, design intent, and quality standards.

Moreover, the team at Trayam implements robust quality control processes encompassing construction, documentation, material selection, and picking the right construction techniques. Periodic site visits to monitor progress aligned with project goals and timelines is another manner in which the firm ensures adherence to design specifications, promptly correcting any deviations as they arise. A collaborative approach to work and client feedback at key milestone moments of project development also play a pivotal role in ensuring the project is on par with expectations.

“Our firm’s USP lies in client satisfaction. Our approach to design is seamlessly integrating creativity, functionality, and sustainability into every project. We prioritize client collaboration, innovation, and environmental stewardship to deliver bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Trayam Architects’ commitment to excellence, coupled with our passion for creating sustainable, future-ready spaces, distinguishes us as industry leaders in architecture and design”, adds Manasa.

Growing in Hyderabad’s rapidly urbanizing landscape, the company embraces current trends including greater integration of technologies like D5, Enscape, CAD, SketchUp Software, and more, for more efficiency in designing and providing solutions. The firm’s dedication to offering solutions that align with sustainability goals and rising demand for eco-friendly designs is evident from its incorporation of passive design strategies, utilization of energy-efficient building materials, designing for water efficiency and rainwater harvesting, and prioritization of site selection and landscaping. A standout example is when Trayam Architects repurposed stone boulders to create a striking background feature at Heart Cup Cafe, showcasing its commitment to sustainable design. This unique approach not only highlights Trayam’s innovative methods but also sets it apart from other architectural firms.

Journey Over the Years

Since its inception, Trayam Architects has transformed remarkably to establish a distinct position of prominence in the industry. Starting as a boutique firm, the company took on small-scale projects like residential designs, interior renovations, and commercial spaces for local clients, gaining a firm footing, credibility, and experience in the industry.

Gradually growing, the firm started differentiating itself by focusing on innovation, creativity, and quality in design, attracting more clients with larger projects. Expanding with the growing market demands, the firm expanded its portfolio and diversified its range of services to include residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality projects. Trayam also embraced technology to stay competitive, integrated sustainable design practices, and leveraged digital visualization tools. Simultaneously, the firm focused on collaborations to expand its network and nurture partnerships, allowing itself to deliver complete solutions, and gain access to new opportunities.

As the company continues to grow, it is dedicated to continue expanding, even looking at global expansion opportunities, which could include working with international clients, and even opening satellite offices at strategic locations.