ValueB Infraa: A New Holistic Experience of Building Infrastructure

Ramesha Sharman,Founder & CEO

Ramesha Sharman

Founder & CEO

A decade after the great recession, the metal industry is shining again. Life is good for the companies in the metal processing, forming, and fabricating industries. With the National Steel Policy(NSP) of 2017, the subcontinent continues to encourage all these satellite industries to reach global benchmarks. The steel consumption in India, which currently clocks up around 90 Million tons(MT means Metric Tons but here in this case please consider as Million Tons), is expected to hit 230 Million Tons by 2030. This sea of opportunities however posts a tricky question Which league of engineering companies is going to benefit the most, amidst a pool comprising the largest billion-dollar construction companies, middlelevel engineering services providers, and unorganized fabrication services providers? The ratio of benefits is a close call. But with the exponential increase in the number of SMEs in the country and a proportional rise in their infrastructure requirements, the middlelevel service providers such as ValueB Infraa a specialist in providing 360 degree & turnkey solutions for exterior applications in the construction industry have an edge in this high-profile combat.

The key to this success is providing customers with a holistic, satisfying experience by understanding and adapting to their discrete requirements, ensuring intact quality, and most importantly, adhering to strict timelines. This is exactly how ValueB Infraa makes a difference in the industry. The case in point is its recent Turnkey Pre Engineered Building (PEB) G+1 12000 square feet project for ISRO. Scope including civil works, PEB, mezzanine structure, interior false ceiling works, exterior façade, doors, windows, toilets, plumbing and electrical. The project came with a time stipulation of 48 days. Since the project was carried out during the time of Pulwama attack, the challenges were in abundance, including the constraints in entry of materials and labor. Moreover, every process ranging from approval of drawings/materials to site clearance had to be done through a process implemented by ISRO. But in spite of facing all these predicaments, ValueB Infraa completed the entire project within 40 days. The effort was recognized and appreciated by ISRO Chairman and Directors. With its level of capability, infrastructure, resources and financial strength to meet any such challenge and offer turnkey solutions, no wonder the company is able to generate 50–60 percent of its revenue from repeat & referral customers. It delivers its commitment. Period.

The Growth Story
As Rome wasn't built in a day, so weren’t the remarkable capabilities of ValueB Infraa. It was in 2013 Ramesha Sharman (Founder & CEO) decided to start a business of his own, back-lifted by his one and a half decade of experience in the metallic construction & engineering industry. In the aftermath of his brave decision to venture into entrepreneurship with limited resources, ValueB Infraa had a humble beginning by offering small-scale steel fabrication services. With merely a couple of employees in the company, all the works were outsourced. But he soon recognized the customers’(mostly SMEs) craving for a seamless experience. “Within a span of six months since I kick-started my journey, it became imperative to have a proprietary infrastructure in order to provide the customers with an intact & holistic experience, and in turn utmost satisfaction,” recalls Ramesha. In 2014, he commenced the second phase of his journey by building a small workshop.

Over the next few years, Ramesha built the company block by block, prudently adjoining the portfolio strictly based on the requirements of the customer. “We started doing civil works, interior works, electrical & plumbing and almost everything of that kind. We made a habit of adjoining our portfolio
with whatever the customer asks for within our outreach,” adds Ramesha. The impact of his approach, which was complemented by the quality and impressive TAT, was massive enough for ValueB Infraa to move to a bigger facility, which the company did in 2015. Ever since then, there has been no turning back; the company swiftly grew into each and every fabrication segment, including PEB.

An Inevitable Success
Today, ValueB Infraa is a turnkey solution center that even renders services pertaining to compliance requirements and documentation, and also a consultant, who combine meticulous research back lift with deep rooted industry experience to help clients make informed and proactive decisions. It majorly focuses on building industrial facilities & infrastructures for SMEs, institutions (including schools & colleges), and spiritual centers, in addition to constructing commercial buildings. We are talking about an excellent track record of successful project executions, satisfied customers, and appreciably transparent internal processes, designs & manufacturing.

ValueB Infraa has a strictly followed SOP in place to not only maintain and standardize the intact quality of deliverables, but also ensure the safety of employees

Given the well disciplined in house, the success of ValueB Infraa indeed is inevitable. The company has a strictly followed SOP in place to not only maintain and standardize the intact quality of deliverables, but also ensure the safety of employees. The SOP is further strengthened with a multi-layer quality assurance system. “The quality assurance team reports directly to me. They are independent observers within the company and are obliged to make a third party assessment. It helps us ensure that there is no stone unturned,” adjoins Ramesha. The raw materials are procured from highly reputed companies like TATA, SAIL, JSW, APOLO, Mehler, Hilti, Tuflite, and Pioneer. Furthermore, the internal technical design and quality team ensures the inflow of materials.

Weaving Wings
Within a span of six years, it is exemplary the way ValueB Infraa, with its strong fundamentals and value systems, developed a unique customer-centric culture, resulting in 100 percent revenue growth since inception. Apart from expanding its capability, infrastructure and skilled manpower, the company today is investing in all the required resources ahead of time to meet its vision of achieving Rs.100 crore turnover by 2022.

ValueB Infraa currently is working and experimenting on reduction of weight of steel used per square feet without compromising on technical standards. With an overall target of reducing steel weight by 15–20 percent, the experiments are quite successful and the company is in the process of implementing the same in a pilot project by the end of 2019. “One of our visions is to train and engage unskilled laborers and provide them with opportunities to have a better life. In a span of six years, we are directly or indirectly responsible for improving at least 500 livelihoods,” concludes Ramesha.

ValueB Infraa in Spotlight:
ValueB Infraa is a Bangalore based, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company with operations PAN India. It provides solutions for architectural and industrial applications in construction industry with skilled workforce of over 150 people who are supported by a 50 people strong expert tech & project management team. The company facilitates all necessary infrastructure for design, manufacturing and installation, and offers best combination of wide range offerings like Architectural & Industrial products, Skylights, Composite Steel Buildings, Tensile Membrane Structures, and Pre-Engineered Building structures.

ValueB Infraa’s motivated and committed employees are the spine of the organization, and it believes its growth is employee driven. The company abides by clear fundamentals of delivering commitment, financial discipline and customer satisfaction is its business strategy and also works on product innovations to quench market requirements and provide cost efficient solutions to the clients of all sizes.

ValueB Infraa has become a go to firm in the market and has been growing a 100 percent YoY. A minimum of 60 percent of itsbusiness comes from repeat/referral customers which speak volumes about ValueB Infraa’s service and product quality. The company takes immense pride in training the unskilled into skilled, job oriented individuals and provides a livelihood for 200 people of ValueB Infraa family and their dependents. These factors have been its catalyst to growth and valued market trust. No wonder the company was conferred the India SME 100 Award recently from among 33,000 contestants.

Quick Facts:
•Years of Establishment: 2013
•Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter), Chennai & Gujarat

Offerings: Civil Works, Pre Engineered Building, Architectural Steel Structures, Tensile Membrane Structure, and Skylights