Vertvista: Transforming Spaces By Creating Biophilic Living Experiences

Nishant Mehta,DirectorAesthetic landscapes surrounding homes, offices, commercial buildings and corporate campuses has always been popular. But there has been a significant growth in the biophilic designs and indoor plantations as well. The expanding population's interest in improving landscape attractiveness is predicted to boost market revenue growth. The business has seen a surge in demand for landscaping and gardening activities. High raw material costs and volatility in transportation costs for the supply of materials and equipments used in landscaping and gardening industry are projected to limit sector growth.

Vertvista Eco Solutions, formed in 2012, is a landscaping and landscape engineering firm that specializes in Preserved Moss, Green Walls, Roof Gardens, Biophilic solutions and Urban Landscaping solutions. Vertvista is an authorized representative of the renowned Singapore-based landscape engineering company Elmich, for India. It offers one of- a-kind, holistic, and multi-faceted service managed and supervised by a diversified team of professionals in horticulture, micro irrigation, and engineering industry. Vertvista rethinks how to reconnect cities with nature, innovates and develops scalable solutions for greener cities. And provides high-quality products, services and solutions that allow citizens to experience nature in their neighborhoods, offices and homes.

Vertvista has a Cultivation farm on the outskirts of Mumbai and a retail outlet nursery within the Mumbai city. It has a very strong designated team, especially for plant cultivation and care. They are constantly upgrading and innovating their products and
services to meet market trends and demands. Vertvista has noticed a significant shift, namely in corporate attitudes toward plants and related products and services. They have seen corporates and architects place a high value on biophilic design. "Every new workplace that opens up, needs plants to be incorporated into its interior design, whether in the form of a vertical garden, potted plants, preserved moss or something else.

Plants are no longer only for decoration; people have begun to consider them as more than just an aesthetic addition to their workplace. While Vertvista sees an increase in biophilic design adaptation, one must also grasp the need for proper plant selection and frequent maintenance of these plants". And Vertvista's team is catering to such needs by assisting clients by working with them from the beginning stage and successfully executing the plan. Since the company maintains a nursery in the city, they also assist clients with monthly upkeep. Many corporations benefit from their plant rental and maintenance services.

Vertvista provides landscaping services to a wide range of businesses and segments, including hospitality, education, hospitals, corporations, private individuals, residential and commercial buildings, and industries, and others.

Vertical gardens, preserved moss, biophilic services, and green roofs are Vertvista's USPs. Some of their products are indoor vertical gardens, outdoor vertical gardens, indoor plants, green roofs, FRP/FRC planters, specialty landscape projects, green facades, irrigation systems, preserved moss, and related products. Landscape engineering products are always evolving as technology advances. And Vertvista constantly encourages clients to use such solutions to assist plantations last longer while preserving their surroundings and natural resources.

We develop new products and systems for greener cities. Our products and services cater to the scalable requirements of municipalities and town planners, to custom-designed solutions for architects, developers, corporate and even private residences

“Vertvista can give consumers benefits in terms of pricing and after-sales services because of its strong backward integration and after-sales support team. Customers will occasionally come up with new ideas and concepts that have never been tested before, and Vertvista will aggressively take these up and assist them in researching and testing such ideas to determine whether they can become a reality. Vertvista's future roadmap for the next three years is to purely focus on three things that is backward integration, customer service, and innovation, concludes Nishant Mehta, Director at Vertvista”.