Vista Realty: Raising The Bar For Trust & Credibility In Real Estate Services

  Bijay Subbarao,    FounderThe real estate market in India is poised for growth, driven by increasing transparency and growing private investment. India registered investments worth US$ 2.4 billion into real estate assets in the first-half of 2021 alone, a growth of 52 percent YoY. Post-pandemic, the recovery of job security is reflecting in a revival of demand for residential properties, a trend encouraged by rising Indian household income and urbanization.

For first time homeowners and those who consider property an investment, lucrative long term returns and quality of life are conclusive benefits in purchasing property. However, challenges persist while expectations from a property are high the market is fragmented with factors such as legalities or credibility of developers making the decision complicated. On one hand finding a trust worthy advisor is challenging on the other, renown builders aggressively market their own developments. Home owners and companies often struggle to find professional trusted real estate partners to represent their interests in an unbiased way.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Vista Realty is a private limited company, founded by BijaySubbarao, a former banker and a realestate professional with over 14 years' experience in the field of banking, and almost a decade in real estate advisory. Vista Realty offers end-to-end assistance on real estate, with the highest levels of professionalism and trust.

Bijay explains how his experience in banking comes to the forefront, "Realestate, like investments, are an incredibly personal decision, tied to family aspirations or securing futures of children or retirement. As an alternative to financial investment, many people believe that real estate has better returns. People usually consider a financial advisor as a long term relationship because they understand that for investments, they need the right advice at the right time. In fact, property assets require more ongoing oversight than financial instruments. That's why Vista Realty considers every client as a
long term partnership, and we offer services across the life cycle of property ownership, from buying to maintenance to selling and re-investing"

De-mystifying RealEstate through Thoughtful Advisory combined with Market Intelligence
The real estate market is still largely disorganized leading to a negative impact on the quality of service and the experience of owning property. Buyers experience several challenges with real estate including lack of clear market information, inaccurate pricing perceptions or complex legalities. Awareness around property management is also low, especially regarding government related work, legal responsibilities, tenancy rights, maintenance and more.

Vista Realty aims to raise the level of professionalism in the real estate industry through a personalized approach that educates clients to make the right decisions

Vista Realty aims to raise the level of professionalism in the real estate industry through a personalized approach that educates clients to make the right decisions and shields them from complex processes in realizing their vision. At any stage of the property ownership life cycle, the company provides transparent advisory to private buyers, corporate entities and resident groups.

Bijay says, "We do everything for our clients from managing the complex government liaison to keeping track of the market or managing tenancy. We are completely open with our clients, some times to the point of losing a deal if we believe it is not in their interest. We also work closely with non-resident Indians(NRIs) with emphasis on communication, site visits, and regular updates. One of our NRI clients was arriving in Bangalore from Sweden for just a day and we were able to conclude all the transactions around his property registration in just one day, which usually needs the client to be present for a week".

Managing Real Estate Portfolios needs the same Approach as Financial Investments
The team puts emphasis on ensuring a hassle free experience and as a result, in a short span of five years customers view Vista Realty as the knowledgeable partner to rely on for both residential and commercial properties.

Talking about future plans, Bijay Subbarao says, "We want to raise the bar for credibility and professionalism in real estate services. We are determined to keep it personal, so we can represent our clients' interests in a complex market. We build long term, trusted relationships, similar to those that investment bankers have with their clients; we do this through conversations about ambitions worries and issues, and then address all real estate needs under one roof".