Jhilmil Vijay: A Persevering Entrepreneur Renowned for Honesty & Integrity

Jhilmil Vijay,Managing Director

Jhilmil Vijay

Managing Director

In the turbulent construction industry in India, today one finds that even large players fail to complete & deliver their projects on time and therefore, there is a large number of uncompleted projects countrywide with a huge disgruntled investor base. Countless architects, even with attractive designs and reputation, are unable to execute them within the stipulated time or cost due to their inability to understand the market reality. It is heartening to note that, even in such turbulent markets, we have Jhilmil Vijay(Managing Director, Artscape), a persevering entrepreneur, who has successfully delivered quality housing complexes commercial, industrial & residential spaces with highend design & construction specifications to domestic& international clients around Bangalore on time and in full..

Comprehensive Cost & Space Effective Solutions
Unlike most companies that focus on limited selective service Artscape offers a complete spectrum of solutions from Design to Project Management to Final Execution, which bestows clients with major benefits in terms of Design Innovation, Resource Optimization, Cost, Quality and Speed of project Implementation. Jhilmil’s core philosophy of taking a project only when cent-percent of financial resource is raised upfront before initiating the project execution, has helped Artscape to execute the projects quickly & at competitive prices, since the vendors are paid on or before time.

“With quality being our entry level requirement for any work we do, service orientation & commitment to provide full satisfaction to our clients on time and in full was the mantra on which Artscape’s foundation stone was built upon. We knew continuous design innovation, a strong process orientation and a good team was criti¬cal to our success and we still make continuous efforts in these areas,” explains Jhilmil. Building a strong team of like minded professionals and a strong Partnership of Progress with vendors, suppliers, contractors & pear professionals in supporting fields facilitated Artscape to successfully implement large industrial projects for many highly reputed international clients (predominantly from Germany) and emerge as a highly respected name in this area.

“We have built a strong team of partners who specialize in Structural, MEP fire, special rooms, ETPs/STPs & more and have done industrial projects using the latest Pre Fab technology which provides cost & space effective solutions for modern industry with high speed of delivery. We design our factories and related infrastructure in a way that it helps integrate plant automation and robotics of the international standard cost effectively,” affirms Jhilmil. Being an avid nature lover, she integrates optimization
of natural resources in all her project designs & implementation. In fact it was a driving force to incept Artscape.

Additionally, Jhilmil also noticed the dearth of companies offering a complete solution during her tenure at leading architectural firms. Having always dreamed of being a master of her own, she aspired to create some thing in Architectural design & construction field that will be remembered for their contemporary style with modern, innovative & cost effective designs. When her husband shifted to Bangalore from Delhi Jhilmil got the opportunity to fulfil her dream of starting her own boutique firm in Bangalore in 2006.

While quality was a default parameter, service orientation & commitment to provide full satisfaction to our clients on time and in full was the mantra that artscape’s foundation stone was built on

The Peaks & Valleys
Although a new city with a different language, culture, architectural preferences and a whole new community to explore & win was a Herculean task, Jhilmil was thrilled with the opportunity to create her own space & brand in the fast growing market. She enthusiastically embraced the challenge of managing the entire business from Business Development, Client Relationship, Team Building, Designing to PMC and Execution. She strengthened Artscape’s foundation with her knack for building relationships & managing people and her proficiency in providing contemporary solutions with modern designs at competitive pricing and a big smile.

In an era, when industrial building is not a shed anymore and hence requires more mechanical & engineering prowess, Jhilmil not only had to prove her mettle to clients who hesitated to give a 200,000 sq.ft. vast industrial building project to a 27 year old woman in the male dominated industry, but also to her employees, vendors & others. However, Jhilmil’s ability to build a strong sense of ownership/partnership among Artscape’s stake holders, innovate and fusion of various cultural architectural styles with modern designs helped her to create a niche for Artscape in industrial designs & construction quickly.

The Treasure House
Her husband, Saurabh, who has a strong network with investors in Bangalore Delhi & Bombay supported her in these efforts by joining hands with her after leaving a highly satisfying career as a Chip designer in world’s leading MNC. Saurabh being the ‘Treasure House’ of the business, Artscape has always been successful in garnering financial resources for its growth requirements in time. “My family is my Universe and my Business Dream is built around my Universe,”says a contented Jhilmil.

She is proud of her daughter Sarah(a state level badminton player, currently preparing for nationals) for having grown into a very self confident person who can manage her studies & sports activities fairly independently. Jhilmil still gives ample time in her upbringing, training, and tournaments, which she has been managing effectively with Saurabh’s help.

Jhilmil Vijay, Managing Director, Artscape
Post the completion of her Post Graduation in Construction Management Jhilmil started her professional career as an Architect with a leading firm in Delhi in 2003. Her career taught her about the entire design cycle of industrial, commercial & residential projects as well as the importance of an effective Project Management for a timely and quality based completion of projects. As an architect and creator she firmly believes that ‘Trends come and go, yet some have staying power that become the new standard of doing Business for decades into the future’.

Water sports(Snorkelling, Kayaking & Para Sailing) and networking & meeting new people

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