Yardi Prabhu Consultants and Valuers: Offering Transparent & Fair Property Valuation Services

Vishwnatha S. Prabhu, DirectorWhen a business or any individual is considering investment in a particular asset, be it tangible, intangible, a property or otherwise, its valuation is necessary to ensure that the right price is paid. Despite various valuation service providers available in the market, the smart move is to hire an accredited and experienced valuation company that performs an independent(biasfree) valuation. This is where the Mumbai-based Yardi Prabhu Consultants & Valuers Private Limited. (YPCVL) comes to the picture, parading its 20 years of qualitative and innovative acumen in estimating the true worth of a property and other assets, thereby delivering value to its clientele comprising of all major private sector banks, foreign banks, PSU Banks, financial & educational institutions, NBFCs and many more.

Independent & Unbiased Valuation

The 1999 established company offers an array of services such as valuation of fixed assets, home loan inspection/stock inspection, Assessment of Impairment of Assets, and more. However, the services at which the company excels are Valuation of Property, Techno Economic Viability Study and Lenders’ Independent Engineers(LIE)report. “We also value assets for projects, Private Equity Placement, Statutory requirements, Court Cases, NCLT matters, pre-IPO, one time settlement with lenders such as banks or financial institutions, assignment of debt, NPA, Restructuring of Debts, Equity valuation for listed & unlisted companies for various purposes such as ESOPs, and more,” avers Sudhan D. Yardi, Director, YPCVL.
“Valuation in YPCVL is operated under a process which is well laid and ISO certified. To maintain the quality of services, we conduct regular reviews of our processes both internally and through external agencies like CRISIL(for rating), QCS Management (ISO 9001:2015 for Certifying organization), quality and IT audit by foreign banks, where we have dedicated system and personnel for specified banks,” shares Vishwanatha S. Prabhu, Director, YPCVL.

Valuation in YPCVL is operated under a process which is well laid, and ISO certified cluding directors, to stay updated in the industry

YPCVL strives to provide a fair and unbiased value to its client. The valuation process needs proper documentation to make an objective analysis. However, the challenge arises when the documents are not appropriate. Many vaulers tend to provide an uncertain solution for case. YPCVL goes extra mile by performing its own research & analysis to ascertain the veracity of the subject of valuation. In terms of NCLT (insolvency matters) and court cases where the documents are scattered, YPCVL leaves no stone unturned to accumulate all of the documents. The company has a dedicated godown, where it stores all backup documents and files for eight years, as it is required under certain laws.

YPCVL is a system and process driven organization and it is equipped to value under all laws and business decisions. Also, being a technology driven company, YPCVL has built its own customized software for valuation of various assets. On the objective aspect, the company has certain checklists which each valuer has to comply with. No valuation is finalized without a maker and a checker before printing the draft, which undergoes three layers of checking before finalization.

A Strong Workforce

The company has a strong workforce of 250 experienced and expert professionals, including Chartered Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Senior Ex-Bankers and Finance Consultants. This workforce is backed with Directors who are IBBI approved valuers, Members of RICS(UK) and more. The company conducts seminars, workshops, training sessions for all, including directors, to stay updated in the industry.

With such dedicated services, the company has witnessed its growth from a valuation services provider for statutory purpose to an organization providing a full range of services as a value addition. The company has presence in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune with the Head Office at Mumbai. In future, it aims to grow in the specialized field of asset valuation by spreading its services in other major cities and tier-II towns.