Yunay Agarbatti: Preserving The Traditional Essence In Bouquet Of Fragrant Incenses

Sudhir Gupta , Co-founder & Partner

Sudhir Gupta

Co-founder & Partner

One of the most common things to be found in any Indian house hold, Agarbatti or incense sticks are considered holy with purifying effects. But to our surprise, the smoke emitted can be harmful to our health as the content of Sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen can lead to various chronic diseases like asthma. Hence while making incense sticks perfume ingredients, specially the solvents, the essential oils, and other aromatic components, require close attention. Guwahati based Yunay Agarbatti are mindfully preparing incense sticks after rigorous testing & experimentation to ensure that its mesmerizing fragrances are devoid of any harmful effects while having the long burning time & reduced smoke.

Today, it has lined a wide range of products that consists of a variety of fragrances ranging from floral to exotics, both in stick and cone shapes. Yunay Agarbatti’s premium range of incenses Lavendar Agarbatti, Rose Incenses, Sandalwood Incense stick, Mogra Agarbatti and other exotic bundled fragrant Agarbattis. It has also compounded some fruity flavors like Pineapple & Mango while the other fragrances are comprised of Mandir, 2in1, Shubh, Ganan, Asha & Gunishka. Alongside, it also provides handmade raw materials such as charcoal and sawdust for bulk buyers. Above all, its Natural Agarbatti made from 100 percent natural ingredients, gained the best responses from the consumers.

Making of the Incenses
As its main focus, Yunay Agarbatti is
steadfast in preserving the traditional essence producing incenses by ensuring optimal quality at best prices. The primary components in making an Agarbatti are bamboo sticks the Agarbatti masala and the aroma, and Yunay believes in using only herbal and organic materials for its products. Hence it prepares Agarbatti masala with a blend of herbal and organic materials at its inhouse facility(Pollution Control Board Certified). Then the bamboo sticks are rolled in the mixture and passed through a cyclic process of drying and perfuming followed by quality checks like burning duration, period of fragrance retention post burning and others. Finally, each bunch of incense sticks are packaged in environment friendly recyclable packs and shipped to consumers PAN India.

Yunay argarbatti is steadfast in preserving the traditional essence producing incenses by ensuring optimal quality at best prices

While at one end, the company takes care of the ecosystem and mother earth, it also engages in rural upliftment by providing employment to the needy especially women thus creating opportunities for the under privileged. The Agrarbatti materials are easily collected from nearby areas of Assam, around Guwahati and Meghalaya, thus promoting regional development in the process. Further, as the industry demands a minimum of technology, hence the production cost is quite low.

Going Forward
To further expand its market reach Yunay Agarbatti is actively partici-pating in trade fairs social activities, and promotion through digital, social & paper media to push products in the market. It has also tied up with e-Commerce platforms and retail chains supplying across 100 locations PAN India. Sudhir Gupta, Founder & Partner, Yunay Agarbatti, concludes “We are growing four times the revenue Year-on-Year and hoping to follow the same trend for the next three years. We look to expand to other countries in the near future and make Yunay Agarbatti a household name in India”.