Zyeta: Offices made Awesome!

By Joseph Mathews, Director,    Shilpa Revankar, Founder

By Joseph Mathews, Director

Shilpa Revankar, Founder

The way people live and work in India is undergoing a paradigm shift from boring traditional offices to creative and conducive spaces. By understanding that an ambient, cozy and effective work environment initiates productivity and boosts enthusiasm, organizations these days put a lot of attention in designing the interior to attract, retain top talent and grow their brand into a more profitable enterprise. Not only MNCs but also budding startups are adapting to a workspace that spreads aura, with professionally-managed design solution providers who have rolled out their presence in interior designing landscape to benefit businesses and entrepreneurs. In this regard, there are very few companies whose hardcore vision is overhauling and revamping the Indian workspaces. One such distinct company in this market is Zyeta, an integrated workspace design and build services firm that specializes in delivering exceptional workspace interiors.

Bangalore-based Zyeta focuses on designing healthier workspaces. The company aims at revolutionizing the entire commercial interior designing space with its cutting edge designs and technological advancements. “We want our designs to reflect ethos. What we provide to clients, is what we represent. After all the workplace is an embodiment of the culture they are part of," says Joseph
Mathews Director, Zyeta.

While most of the commercial interior design firms serve only certain stages of the entire process making the processing time consuming and less organized Zyeta is capable of handling the entire project management cycle for any and every business. The company's objective is to set the right expectation from the start to the end. For this, it comprises an outstanding inhouse team which is termed as an eclectic mix of people from the scientific, business, creative sales and other backgrounds.

Zyeta aims at revolutionizing the entire commercial interior designing space with its cutting edge designs and technological advancements

The company prides itself on timely delivery early & swift technological adoptions and drive to stay ahead of market trends. While workplace design is its niche of primary focus Zyeta doesn’t limit itself to a specific industry. “We spend a lot of time to align ourselves to the latest industry trends. We also have always had a close eye on the workplace in terms of changing societal and cultural shifts,” he exclaims.

He further adds,“We feel clarity builds trust and brings out the best in everyone. It also gives people the incentive to push themselves in a way that’s fun. The learning opportunities we provide the employees also help them stay committed to our vision.”

The Journey
Zyeta began the journey with four people in an apartment and now houses around 110 people across four cities, with a branch office in the USA. It has been successful in all the endeavours so far, having delivered state-of-the-art workspaces for HP, WSP and Evergent among others.

The proficient team of the company is striving to establish themselves as thought leaders in the market. It has been investing a lot in various research modules.“We've built teams which are focused on that, constantly researching creating white papers and emphasizing the latest and most important discoveries in the field to stay ahead of the curve while improving deliverables and scaling the business.” Concludes Shilpa Revankar, Founder, Zyeta.