Bengaluru's Homely Warmth for the Denizens

The Indian investor obviously has a plethora of choices but deciding where to invest or buy property becomes a difficult proposition. Here we analyze the comparative standing of Bangalore in terms of investment-friendliness today that was once considered as a retirement hideout for the elderly. Research has unearthed that real estate prices are directly proportional to employment growth, GDP, infrastructure and population growth. In all these factors Bangalore fares really high. The influx of population to Bangalore from other parts of the country and the world is probably second to none. The reason is a spurt in education and employment along with other reasons for migration too.

A city normally grows along the highways and the transportation networks like the connectors to the central business districts much like the spokes of a wheel. Bangalore has a great advantage that way as the ring road connects all the four corners of the city to the central business districts. This has helped Bangalore to grow symmetrically and in a decentralized manner with IT Parks, townships, and posh residential areas all over the city. This is precisely the reason why the real estate prices are not contrastingly higher from one area to the other.

The social and other infrastructure of the city was always a first priority of the government as the industries demanded it. Bangalore has well-connected roads, flyovers, and the Metro connectivity along with the Outer Ring Road which has been solely responsible for accommodating the increment of the population year-on-year. The social infrastructure of the city like malls, marketplaces, entertainment centers and educational hubs are second to none.

Bangalore attracts population from all over the globe. The economic factors of the city are all favourable for real estate investment and development with a great climate and a promise of an enjoyable lifestyle. The infrastructure, entertainment, and employment generation of the city are also highly competitive with other A-1 cities of India and in cases even more. This edition gives you a walkthrough of Bangalore's real estate market with respect to every kind of home you seek or intend to build.

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