Getting the Right Value of Your Property

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorHave you ever wondered how the value of a particular property is being ascertained? Why a particular house costs millions despite being decades old and who concludes the price? Such costs and particulars are ascertained by property valuation companies, who hold years of experience in getting the properties valued at the right price, whether it’s for bank loans, sale, purchase or others. It’s not just the properties that are being valued, but even the food, paintings, machineries, companies/startups and anything
that is eligible to be sold or raise fund.

But unlike many, the benefits of real properties are generally realized over a long period of time, which makes valuation even more important. This can successfully be achieved by considering economic & social trends, government controls, regulations and environmental conditions that may influence the demand, utility, scarcity and transferability of the property. This is why, certain corner plots/flats’ prices are higher than the middle ones. In the current growing market, it is difficult for individuals to get the correct price of their property until they engage with a property valuation company.

If you are looking at valuing your real estate, machineries, or any other form of property, our current edition of siliconindia Magazine’s ‘10 Most Promising Property Valuation Companies - 2019’ is the yellow book that you need. The featured companies are some of the most renowned organizations offering property valuation services since years to clients across industries, and even in the government sector too. Read to know about their distinctive approach and unique offerings.
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