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  • 10 Most Promising Apartment and Society Software Companies - 2020

    Today, there has been a shift of preferences among people to stay in apartment complexes rather than taking the headache of constructing their own private buildings. Thus, we are witnessing a significant increase in the constructions of numerous housing complexes and societies all across India.  Moreover, with the advancements in various technologies, we are witnessing various apartment and society management software in the marketplace. These technology driven products and services significantly help in managing every aspect when it concerns apartment society maintenance. To name a few from taking care of society accounting, maintenance payment, facility booking, visitor and parcel management, among others.  However finding the perfect Apartment and Society management...

10 Most Promising Apartment and Society Software Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ADDA ADDA Ashika Sripathi, COO The company has solutions for facility management, staff management, visitor management, flat management, accounting, and parking management.
Apna Complex Apna Complex Raja Sekhar Kommu, Founder Provides efficient apartment management and security solutions, and staff management solutions for gated communities.
EzeeServe EzeeServe Vinay Barigidad, Founder Facilitating digital medium for society communication, visitor management, service providing, account management, amenity booking, document wallet and parking.
ISocietyManager ISocietyManager Deepak Dabas, Co-Founder For customers it has features like asset and property tracker, document management, expense tracking, budgeting, help desk and notice board.
MyGate MyGate Vijay Arisetty, Founder & CEO , Shreyans Daga, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer Developed technology for security, account management, staff and facilities and is the pioneer in the gated community management market.
MySocietyClub MySocietyClub Rajeev Saxena, Director & CEO Has services for fast billing, smart notification, smart and user friendly accounting,maintenance wallets, on-call support, and generate NOCs.
Premises Experts Premises Experts Ankit Rawat, Co-Founder Offers Auto Scan Entry, Digital Identity Cards, Mobile Intercom, Visitor Authorization System, Monitor Vehicle Parking and Online Gate Register.
Sampada Infosolutions Sampada Infosolutions Sunil Deshpande, Founder & CEO , Sampada Deshpande, Founder & Director Delivering user-friendly software for housing societies with features like accounting and maintenance billing.
SocietyRun SocietyRun Ashish Waykar, Founder & CEO A SaaS-based, cloud-hosted mini-ERP platform ensuring comprehensive and seamless housing society management through its meticulously &; intelligently developed modules.
Softland India Softland India G. Kesava Iyer, Co-Founder & Chairman With products like IoT smart home controller and wireless food ready informer, the company is providing efficient services.