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  • 10 Most Promising Property Valuation Service Providers -­ 2019

    Many people doubt the need for getting a property valued. But, recent real estate statistics in India prove beyond doubt that property valuations have taken a turn for the better. When a business or any individual is considering investment in a particular asset, be it tangible, intangible, a property or otherwise, its valuation is necessary to ensure that the right price is paid. Until the buyers & sellers are certain about the fair market value of the asset/property, they will not be able to take a final call on buying/selling. This is where property valuers & appraisers come into the picture, who render correct insights such as right time to purchase the property, price escalations, recessions in the real estate market and other indicators. Furthermore, these valuation...

10 Most Promising Property Valuation Service Providers -­ 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Adroit Group Adroit Group Puneet Tyagi, Co-Founder & Group CEO A leading valuation and business advisory firm that excels in offering a broad range of advisory services, which include valuation of real estate, industrial assets, plant & machinery, enterprise and many more
Aich Appraisers Auctioners And Valuers Aich Appraisers Auctioners And Valuers Indranil Aich, Managing Partner A complete valuation firm valuing quality, information and data creation to offer accurate value for client’s asset
ANVI Technical Advisors India ANVI Technical Advisors India Srinivas MVDS , Director A dynamic startup offering fair real estate valuation and technical appraisal services with excellence at par
RED Group RED Group Pravin Thakur, Founder A 2013 established organization that handholds end-to-end property management requirements of the clients - be it residents or non-residents of India through its venture 'Property Kundali'
Rohit Sharma & Associates Rohit Sharma & Associates Rohit Sharma, Founder A property valuation firm offering valuation services as per international practices of valuation without compromising the professional standards
Spartan Associates Spartan Associates K.N. Narayana Iyengar, Founder Offering true services and delivers high-quality valuation product, facilitating effective quality control, streamlined client communication, and on time delivery to the client
Thite Valuers & Engineers Thite Valuers & Engineers Shekhar Laxman Thite, CEO A leading company in the profession of valuation & chartered engineering services that offer services for the valuation of fixed assets of land & building, plant & machinery and intellectual property rights
Yardi Prabhu Consultants And Valuers Yardi Prabhu Consultants And Valuers Vishwnatha S. Prabhu, Director The valuer that excels in providing transparent & unbiased Tangible, Intangible, and Property valuation services