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  • 10 Most Promising Pune Residential Projects UC - 2024

    Crafting Comfortable Communities Pune, an increasingly growing metropolitan center in India, has experienced a notable increase in the number of residential projects being developed. This growth holds great significance for a variety of socio-economic factors, deeply influencing the city's environment and its inhabitants. Residential projects under construction in Pune have significance that goes beyond providing housing. They are essential for driving economic growth, developing infrastructure, promoting environmental sustainability, and fostering social inclusivity. These projects are instrumental in shaping Pune's future, contributing to a more vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive city. Modern residential projects in Pune are increasingly incorporating green building...

10 Most Promising Pune Residential Projects UC - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
 Ashiana Malhar Ashiana Malhar Anurag Tripathi, Sales - Head A prominent in real estate realm, promotes ecofriendly living through initiatives like solar panels and water conservation, prioritizes convenient transportation, and is located near top schools, hospitals, and shopping centers
Beharay Rathi Group Beharay Rathi Group Ashok Beharay, Director & Partner One of the trailblazers in residential and commercial projects, engaging in diverse business endeavours such as real estate development, property leasing, research and testing laboratories, among others
Jhamtani Jhamtani Meenakshi Jhamtani, Executive Director Specializes in high-rise, high-quality residential and commercial developments, setting new standards with its innovative projects and strategic locations
Ashish Dhami Ashish Dhami Executive Vice President With a glorious legacy of over four decades in real estate, with a strong presence in South Pune’s NIBM region and West Pune, offering world-class luxury without compromising on quality
Kiaan Properties Kiaan Properties Nilay Raj, Founder Boasts an extensive and successful track record in the Pune real estate market, providing them with a deep understanding of local trends, property values, and market dynamics
Oree Cloud 51 Oree Cloud 51 Alok Jha, Managing Director An ambitious venture has distinguished itself as one of Pune’s liveliest and dynamic locations, focuses on maintaining a high level of dedication to achieving excellence in design, crafts-manship, quality, and service
Pal Properties Pal Properties Rahul Pal, Founder With over a decade of experience and backed by professional assistance & personalised services for clients to get hassle-free solution for their needs either residential or commercial property
Ravetkar Group Ravetkar Group Amol Ravetkar, Managing Director With a rich experience of more than 3 decades in the construction industry, the Group has brilliantly executed projects such as residential & commercial complexes, hotels, resorts, water parks and so on
SMP Realty SMP Realty Shyam Agarwal, Founder The company's success is due to its commitment to core values like dedication, quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction and built many landmark residential, commercial and hospitality projects
Sumedh Construction Sumedh Construction Dattatray Kachare, Founder The company has set the benchmark in contracting turnkey and consulting project to new homes, row houses, residential buildings, commercial buildings, bungalows and many more