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  • 10 Most Promising Real Estate Awards - Hyderabad - 2020

    A headline stated that Hyderabad's commercial real estate witnessed 172 percent growth in the last five years and according to the report by Knight Frank India, Hyderabad is one of the few cities to record positive rental growth of 2 percent year-on-year (YoY) in Q3 2020. The residential prices went up by a significant value of 5.3 percent (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) in 10 years, and even during the present COVID-19 challenge, the amount stays the same. Apart from Bengaluru, Hyderabad is among the only two metro cities to not witness a decrease in the residential prices when the market uncertainties were high and sales were negatively curved. The report stated that Hyderabad has seen remarkable growth in corporate activities in the last five years, and it went up to the second...

10 Most Promising Real Estate Awards - Hyderabad - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Accurate Developers Accurate Developers Mitesh Kulkarni, Chairman & Managing Director Focused on child homes with modern features like atms, bicycle tracks, badminton classes, breakfast center, CCTV monitoring entrance, chess coaching, and a lot other facilities for children
Celebrity Prime Developers Celebrity Prime Developers Varun Kancharla, Managing Director Under its excellent real estate development, it has projects like Aero Imperia, OAK, and Signature which are famous among the native residents for its aesthetics and outstanding living facilities
Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure Ravindra Kumar VJ, Chief Executive Officer Building affordable and magnificent living spaces for hospitality, retail, commercial buildings, and residential buildings
Pooja Crafted Homes Pooja Crafted Homes Kiran Basani, Chief Operating Officer Being a luxury real estate company, it is building living spaces of natural materials and modern functionality
Muppa Projects India Muppa Projects India Muppa Venkaiah Chowdary, Chairman It is a premium project by the company to align with the modern-day living style and envisions to an ideal community living
Nebula Aavaas Nebula Aavaas Ashish Handa, CEO Based on its proven success in Ahmedabad, the company expanded the development in this city for building astonishing living structures
Parijatha Homes & Developers Parijatha Homes & Developers Sri. T. Anjaiah, Chairman, Sri. T. Naresh Kumar, Managing Director, Sri. T. Sridhar, Director Facilitating realty development and handling projects for premium villas, and residential layouts, and building aesthically attractive luxury living spaces
Provident Housing Provident Housing Ravi Puravankara, Founder & Chairman It is one of the leading real estate companies in India and imbibes values of uncompromising for quality, customer-centricity, and business robust engineering, and transparency
Rajapushpa Properties Rajapushpa Properties P. Sreenivas Reddy, Executive Director, P. Jayachandra Reddy, Chairman P. Mahender Reddy, Managing Director P. Sujith Reddy, Director Offers top-quality luxury-living spaces by incorporating smart-built homes, extensive landscapes with modern living habitats
Giridhari Homes Giridhari Homes Indrasena Reddy, Founder & MD A prime real estate developer specialised in delivering top-quality theme based residential apartments at the best locations with all luxurious facilities