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    Discover Unparalleled Living In The Heart Of Mumbai The increasing population density is a primary factor driving the importance of residential projects in Mumbai, as millions of people continue to move to the city in search of better opportunities, creating an ongoing demand for housing. The expansion and progress of Mumbai rely heavily on residential developments within the city. These residential projects cater to the diverse needs of the city's population, ranging from affordable housing to luxury apartments, and are key elements of Mumbai's urban landscape, shaping the city's future for years to come. "Mumbai's Residential Projects Are Vital In Addressing The City's Housing Needs, Propelling Economic Growth, Enhancing Quality Of Life, &...

Top 10 Best Mumbai Residential Projects - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
96 Tagore 96 Tagore Harsh Jagwani, Managing Director The company places a strong focus on incorporating state-of-the-art technology, distinctive design elements, top-notch construction practices and efficient project management
Eon Group Eon Group Bharat Shah, Chairman & Managing Director Transforming real estate with innovative and distinctive projects, prioritizing quality, transparency and trust for an enhanced home buying and living experience in India
Holla Homes Holla Homes Prakash Parida, Co-Founder & CEO An independent interior design consultancy and one-stop interior design solution with over 5 years of professional experience on residential and commercial interior designer and decorator projects
K Raheja Corp K Raheja Corp Ramesh Ranganathan, CEO With over 40 years of expertise in the industry, their business has expanded into various sectors including commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, retail, malls, and power
Kotak Builders Kotak Builders Aashish Samant, Co-Founder The company core business is to develop residential properties that have lifestyle amenities and great community feel yet making sure our prices are below average
Mumbai Residential Properties Mumbai Residential Properties Krithica Sachdev, Founder Committed to provide the highest levels of service to its corporate clients, as well as individuals, enabling them to make the right choice and decisions for all their Real-Estate requirements
Narang Realty Narang Realty Gopal Narang, Managing Director Provider of world-class residential and commercial real estate, with team of talented experts bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring quality, transparency, and timely delivery
Rioga Premium Real Estate Advisory Rioga Premium Real Estate Advisory Amit Rajpal, Director Provide real estate services to residential and commercial buyers with a focus on the highest quality, also specializes in real estate portfolio management & advisory, marketing, investment and so on
Smyle Housing Development Smyle Housing Development Keshab Chaudhuri, Co-Founder & Director Offers affordable residential home project in diverse regions, also expertise in building low budget flats with all modern amenities and facilities for the lower income families
Tata Realty & Infrastructure Tata Realty & Infrastructure Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO A real estate and infrastructure development company that has specializes in real estate, luxury residential projects, ropeways, highways/ expressways, retail malls, airport, and urban transport