96 Tagore : Setting High Standards Using Engineering Marvels As Benchmarks & Innovative Construction Ideas

Harsh Jagwani,  Managing Director

Harsh Jagwani

Managing Director

Mumbai, India’s financial capital, continues to uphold its status as one of the nation’s biggest housing markets, accounting for 40 percent of all residential sales. According to a report released by the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) Maharashtra, the residential real estate market in Mumbai is positioned for continued expansion, with sales projected to surpass rupees one lakh crore in 2024 and exceed the rupees two lakh crore milestone by 2030. However, the vast majority of contenders in this industry struggle to achieve excellence in their construction projects, providing top-tier amenities and adhering to ethical standards. 96 Tagore shines brightly among its peers, understanding the vital necessity to address the discerning requirements of customers who prioritize top-quality construction, exceptional amenities and an unparalleled home-buying journey.

96 Tagore, an ambitious project of Notandas Realty has stood out as one of Mumbai’s most vibrant and dynamic possession. The company places a strong focus on incorporating state-of-the-art technology, distinctive design elements, top-notch construction practices and efficient project management. Its strategic approach is aimed at ensuring that projects are delivered on time. “By firmly embracing our philosophy and adhering to meticulous and transparent execution, we’ve crafted state of-the-art projects characterized by advanced technology, unique design, top-notch construction and efficient project management, ensuring timely delivery”, says Harsh Jagwani, Managing Director.

Responding To The Inclinations Of The Contemporary Era

Notandas Realty has spared no expense in ensuring topnotch quality for 96 Tagore, with no compromise made. About sixty percent of the materials used in the project have been sourced from various locations worldwide which indicates the company’s dedication to obtaining the best possible resources, even if it means importing them from distant corners of the globe. Moreover, 96 Tagore is designed to cater to the needs and preferences of the modern generation. It includes variety of amenities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool and business center. These amenities are essential for meeting the lifestyle expectations of contemporary residents and tenants, making the project more attractive and competitive in the market.

A Well-Rounded Portfolio Highlighting A Variety Of Projects

Notandas Realty’s impressive portfolio, spanning over five lakh square feet, is a testament to its prolific development in the sought-after western suburbs of Bandra, Khar, and Santa Cruz. These locations are renowned for their upscale communities and desirable real estate markets. The firm’s commitment to customers and its aspirations is reflected in the quality and
success of their developments, which serve as a testament of their dedication and high standards.

In addition to its expansive portfolio, Notandas Realty has established a reputation for consistently delivering projects on time, exceeding expectations in the process. This reliability underscores the firm's professionalism and commitment to meeting client deadlines. Further more, its projects consistently push the boundaries of quality and innovation, setting new benchmarks for the industry. By prioritizing excellence and innovation, the firm continually raises the standard for real estate development in the region, earning acclaim and admiration within the industry and among clients alike.

Notandas Realty’s commitment to never compromising on quality and craftsmanship means that it prioritizes using top-notch materials, employing skilled professionals and playing close attention to every aspect of the project’s execution. The company’s dedication results in properties that are not only visually appealing but also durable and functional, providing long-term value to its clients and residents. The company acknowledges the importance of a robust brand image and is committed to upholding its history of completing projects to the utmost quality standards, fostering trust and loyalty among its clientele.

Notandas Realty Endeavours To Curate Experiences Of Utmost Splendor, As It Firmly Upholds The Belief That Life Should Be Embraced With Nothing Short Of Magnificence

Crafting Projects That Adhere To The International Benchmarks

Notandas Realty’s endeavour revolves around striving to create projects that match or even exceed the standards set by the global real estate industry. This means not only meeting basic requirements but also ensuring that its developments stand out in terms of quality, design and attention to detail. In Mumbai’s rapidly evolving real estate sector, the group plays a significant role by consistently delivering premium services. This includes not only developing properties but also offering comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the market. Whether it’s luxury residential complexes, commercial spaces, or mixed-use developments, the firm's involvement contribute to the city’s urban landscape and economic growth.

Ambitious Aspirations For The Future

In the foreseeable future, Notandas Realty is committed to regularly refining its policies. This may involve measures such as reducing the use of technology that generates excessive greenhouse gases, transitioning towards renewable energy sources, striving to achieve zero-carbon footprints in the near term and fostering environmentally friendly workplaces for its employees. In the coming years, the group envisions an expansion into Mumbai’s thriving high-end and luxury real estate market, anticipating continued growth. The company’s steadfast dedication to core values and a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards provide a robust foundation. This strategic positioning enables them to craft exceptional living experiences, ensuring a lasting impact for future generations seeking premium real estate offerings in the dynamic Mumbai Landscape.