Bren Corporation: Pioneer In Creating Homes With Exceptional Quality & Customer Experience

Shiv Kumar,   Director

Shiv Kumar


Time and again, the Indian Government has been seamlessly contributing to the development of the real estate industry through a spectrum of landmark initiatives. Especially affordable housing today stands out as a fast evolving segment in the real estate sector of India due to increasing end-user demands coupled with the Government’s active involvement and help. Poised perfectly in this affordable housing segment of India is Bren Corporation, a real estate expert in India with a legacy of 15+ years.

Unlike its peers, Bren demarcates in the industry with its housing projects (1200-3000 sq. ft.) that are not just affordable, but brimming with exemplary quality and amenities. Breathing the tagline Create. Progress, the firm always goes beyond the frontiers of mere building homes to innovate seamlessly and deliver a complete package to its customers both in terms of structure and interior specifications. Shiv Kumar, Director, Bren Corporation, articulates, “We don’t sell just houses; instead, we give them an experience of quality and transparency. It is our desire to drive and innovate to give the best that has been attracting people to rely on us and purchase our homes”.

Perfect Blend of Affordability & Luxury
Today, for any house, luxury and cost are two directly proportional elements. Redefining this relation is Bren Corporation with its stellar housing project Northern Lights, a name that speaks affordability and luxury par excellence. This project is indubitably a dream come true for people who are in search of a house priced within Rs.40-45 lakh along with amenities akin to that of a house priced Rs.1 crore. Be it in terms of structure, quality or space management, Northern Lights stands perfect amidst Bren’s other high end projects that span just 600-700 sq.ft of area. This is because the firm has never compromised on the construction part, besides building a home for people couples and bachelors who are about to start their new lives.

Standing true to its name is Northern Lights, which is named after its location North Bengaluru, besides the beautiful atmospheric phenomena of Aurora Borealis. In terms of proximity to places, this project is just three kilometer far from the airport road and almost 15 kilometer from KIA. It is also closest to the best of hospitals, schools, colleges, tech parks, health centers, shopping malls, and many others, teeming with a community of youngsters. Speaking of building orientation, almost 80 percent of the space at Northern Lights is segmented into traffic free, green zones, wherein children and elders can sit, relax and easily move around the podiums. Besides, clubhouse, Olympic size swimming pool, skating ring, gym, two shuttle courts, yoga zone, meditation zone, open space and many others, enable youngsters to spend quality time with their
own selves. This way, Northern Lights includes exclusively designed spaces for both elders and youngsters.

We Don’t Sell Just Houses, Instead We Give Them An Experience Of Quality And Transparency

Pods Redefining Living
The interiors of Northern Lights are called LIFEPODS, which are designed to bring the perfect balance of private living and holistic lifestyle. They infuse residents with a feeling of being connected to the entire world in terms of thoughts, spaces, entertainment and many other aspects, while residing in the interiors. In just 700 sq. ft. of area, these LIFEPODS encompass a living cum dining room with large capacity, two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a small balcony, thus enabling people to live their lives to the fullest. Especially for youngsters, Northern Lights provides a separate workspace where they can pursue their deepest dreams, interests and creativity. This workspace can also be converted into a bedroom or party hall if need be. Even across tiles, sanitary fixtures, door fixtures, floors, windows and others, the project imparts highest quality finish in the industry along with customization for its customers. For instance, Jaquar’s sanitary fixtures, RAK’s tiles, eight feet tall main doors (standard seven feet), eight feet tall balcony French doors, 1.2 meters tall balcony railings (standard 900cm) or 1.4 meters tall parapet(higher than NBC norms). These amenities not only meet the standards of a luxury apartment, but a roster of safety standards. Likewise, the overall security is promised through safety & security systems with continuous surveillance, while the entry and exit is connected by a straight ramp for the residents.

What goes behind these structures is Kumkang, one of the finest Aluminium formworks from Korea, wherein Bren has customized this technology to ensure a crackfree, nonflaky and plump surface with clean, parallel, sturdy, and 90-degree across all corners once the concrete is poured. In fact, Kumkang presents a smooth and shiny surface that makes people want to start living right away even before painting is done.

Au Courant with Customers’ Demands
Bren Corporation always assures to maintain a good relationship with its customers while learning a great deal from them. Residents are its greatest teachers today! Be it budget, architectural design, construction, interiors or even Vaastu norms, Bren stays quite appreciative and receptive to its customers’ innovative ideas, thoughts and demands. This way, the firm aspires to constantly innovate and also multiply its business. Altogether, its main goal is to deliver top notch and hassle free services to customers, right from the point of construction to keeping the relationship intact with them. Moreover, Bren’s team of construction experts (working from past 15 years) travel across the world to learn about the trending technologies and also implement them if feasible.

Witnessing a huge demand across Bengaluru, Bren Corporation is planning to double its current capacity of launching up to 1.5 million sq. ft. per year in the next three years. Shiv concludes, “Imparting quality and progress that infuse the right confidence in our buyers, we also aspire to become the first choice for people wanting a hassle-free experience while buying homes”.

Shiv holds an extensive work experience from companies poised across structural design, architecture, construction and real estate. At Bren, he has played many roles right from Project Head, Construction Head to currently the Director.

Location: Bengaluru
On-Going Projects: Champions Square, Imperia, Northern Lights & Starlight