Oree Cloud 51: Creating Benchmarks Through The Integration Of Pioneering Construction Methodologies

 Alok Jha,  Managing Director

Alok Jha

Managing Director

Ranked ninth among India’s most populous cities, Pune has transformed into a hub of new real estate ventures, attracting prospective homebuyers seeking reliable residential and commercial options. According to Knight Frank’s India Real Estate 2023 report, Pune’s residential market experienced a 13.5 per cent year on-year increase in sales, with 49,266 housing units sold throughout the year. However, navigating the demands of the industry poses a formidable challenge for majority of players, as they strive to deliver top-tier amenities while upholding ethical standards. Oree Cloud 51 outshines all competitors with its unwavering commitment to meeting the exacting standards of customers who demand nothing short of impeccable craftsmanship, exceptional amenities and a truly unparalleled home-buying experience.

Nestled in Pune, Cloud 51 is a coveted venture by Oree Reality where ‘Oree’ stands for Outstanding Residences Economical and Eco-friendly. In each of its projects, the company prioritizes and maintain a high level of dedication to achieving excellence in design, craftsmanship, quality and service. This commitment means the company goes above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of its work meets or exceeds expectations, without sacrificing any of these essential elements. “Each home crafted by our company is meticulously designed to elevate the quality of life for our residents”, says Alok Jha, Managing Director. From spacious open areas and lush green landscapes to cutting-edge fitness centers, sports arenas and serene places of worship, every aspect is meticulously planned to enrich and fulfill the lives of those who call it home.

Skilled Team Members

Oree Reality places a strong emphasis on partnering with young archi-tects and engineers, thus recognizing the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas it brings to the table. By leveraging the expertise of these professionals and implementing best-in-class processes, the firm strives to provide unparalleled value to its customers. Whether it’s enhancing market value, offering competitive price points, or ensuring exceptional post-sales support, customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of its mission.

With a background rooted in international experience with Fortune 100 companies, the professionals working at Oree Reality possess a deep understanding of global business dynamics. The firm's ability to leverage this knowledge enables it to deliver projects with unmatched precision, blending quality and scalability seamlessly. The company is adept at navigating diverse cultural landscapes and industry complexities, allowing it to execute initiatives swiftly and effectively. The firm's track record speaks volumes, showcasing its capacity to consistently exceed expectations and drive innovations in its field.
Adhering To Sustainability

In recognition of its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Oree Reality has been awarded the prestigious ISO 10001:2018 certi-fication. This certification underscores its dedication to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations, further solidifying its position as a trusted leader in the industry. The firm's foremost priority as an organization is to potentially create the most lasting impact on the environment. Certified with ISO 14001:2015, the firm is committed to serving the greater good of the environment and society as a whole.

Oree reality is dedicated to creating outstanding living experiences, aiming for a lasting influence on future generations seeking top-tier real estate options in pune’s evolving landscape

All Oree residences achieve gold ratings from the IGBC, affirming its dedication to green building principles. Cloud 51 exemplify this ethos with features such as abundant sunlight, heat reflecting glass, eco-friendly materials, organic waste converters, ample solar panels, and exclusive electric vehicle charging stations. Moreover, the installation of windmills atop the buildings underscores the company’s commitment to reducing pollution by generating and utilizing renewable energy within the community.

Leveraging Top Notch Technology

Oree Cloud 51 has deployed multiple Residual Current Devices (RCBs) to ensure resident safety by preventing electrical shocks within the premises. The incorporation of IoT technology into its smart homes allows residents to remotely control various features such as lighting, fans and gate locks through a dedicated app or voice commands via internet-based communication protocols. Moreover, the company has installed fire sensors and sprinklers throughout different areas like rooms, kitchens and parking areas to enhance fire safety measures. Additionally, a fire tower lift has been installed to swift evacuation during emergencies such as fires.

Oree Reality regards its team as integral part, ensuring it is motivated and fairly compensated. The company goes the extra mile by providing accommodation, meals and access to clean water for laborers who come from far away to work on the construction site. Additionally, the company understands the challenges faced by its workforce who may have children, hence it partners with doorstep schools. These schools offer education to the children of the laborers, allowing parents to focus on their work without worrying about their children’s education and safety. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the company’s commitment to both its employees and their families, fostering a positive and supportive work culture.

Growth Strategies For Future

Over the years, Oree Reality has demonstrated its prowess in the real estate sector by spearheading landmark residential developments. Now, venturing into retail and office spaces, it aims to apply the same level of dedication and expertise to create outstanding projects in these domains. The firm's track record speaks volumes, earning it the trust and appreciation of its clientele time and again.

Moving ahead, Oree Reality is deeply committed to establishing itself among the top builders in India. Currently, the firm is progressing towards achieving a construction area of 1.5 million square feet and has strategic plans for additional expansion in the foreseeable future. In its future endeavors, the company is committed to rejuvenating the Bavdhan area in Pune with upscale commercial and residential developments.