Propdial India: A Name you can Trust Upon

Vinay Prajapati,Founder & CEO

Vinay Prajapati

Founder & CEO

Over the past few years, technology has grown by leaps and bounds and the industries across verticals are adapting to it in a large way round. Just like every other industry, the property management industry is also in a constant state of evolution by merging itself with the latest trends. Technology now is helping everyone in this space like tenants, managers, property owners & more to make their life more efficient & cost effective. Noticing the impact of technology & the soaring demand of real estate market, Propdial India was incepted. Propdial India is the brain child of Vinay Prajapati, a veteran in the field of software engineering & technology. The company was institutionalized in 2014 as a property management firm that is dedicated to a high level of trust & security with providing a complete gamut of property management services.

A Platform with its Unique Approach

The journey of Propdial India began at a time when Vinay Prajapati was working as a software engineer in a firm in USA. Working at a primary market

Acting as a‘supervisor & alocal guardian’to the property owners, Propdial India offers services right from marketing rentals, rent collection, bill payments, handling maintenance, repairing issues, responding to complaints and more

and possessing experience of over 10
years he felt the desire to step into the fast pacing real estate market and help the property builders and NRI clients with all possible solutions through microsites & others. Explicating on the inception idea, Vinay speaks, “As I started off to bring new innovations in the real estate market, I found that the clients came to me with issues like renting & management. When asked to approach the brokers, most of them expressed in security. Thus, then the idea came to differentiate between the broker & the property manager.” Realizing that there is a dire need for educating people on the latest trends, services and ongoing aspects in the real estate business, Propdial today is working on behalf of the property owner and deals directly with prospects & tenants. Acting as a ‘supervisor & a local guardian’ to the property owners, the company offers services right from marketing rentals, rent collection, handling maintenance, leasing, repairing issues, bill payments, responding to tenant& owner’s
complaints and more.

Pointing out that one of the major
hindrances in the property management field is finding out the right tenant, Vinay avers, “There is always a conflict of interest in the case of brokers because they mostly deal with the commission. But we have a different approach to it. We first do a thorough background check of the tenant and go accordingly.” He further adds,“Our edge on other competitors is our design which is not a mixture of rental income & property management. We focus entirely on property management.”

Moreover, taking help of brokers and other marketing ventures like internet advertising portals, Propdial tries to rent out the property in a fasterway out. The company today has clients majorly from the US, Middle East and from people across the country.

The Roadmap Ahead
Gurgaon based Propdial India with its dedicated team of qualified vendors & service professional takes the pride in serving its customers and ensures to build a long-term relationship. Currently, offering its services in Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Pune, the company soon wants to expand its services in Hyderabad and Mumbai. With a client’s growth rate to 15-20 percent per month and increasing its revenue rate, Vinay concludes, “As of now we are dealing with the residential properties and soon are planning to venture into commercial property space. Our prime focus is to become the best property management company in the secondary market and create a model whereby our clients can also be the buyers.”