Sampada Infosolutions Pvt Ltd: Offering State-of-The-Art Housing Society Management System

Sunil Deshpande, Founder & CEO ,Sampada Deshpande, Founder & DirectorCo-operative housing societies are an immense responsibility to manage. With their sizes increasing every day to take a form similar to integrated townships, managing them has become a herculean task. Whether it is the collection of society's dues from non-paying members, managing common utilities, handling the complaints from housing society members or handling statutory reports; everything needs to be managed through a computerized system. Keeping a track of important records manually and stacking documents in some room after a while gets complex and unmanageable. So it is wise to use comprehensive society management software that can manage a variety of administrative tasks in an effective manner.

Discovering this need of managing the services, accounting, facilities, documentation of any society, Sampada Infosolutions Pvt Ltd has come up with an innovative, state of the art, reliable and cost-efficient Housing Society Management System ­ Vastu. Mumbai-based Sampada helps societies in managing their work better by leveraging its industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise and comprehensive portfolio of services. Through the software, Vastu, it provides a cloud based hassle free, user friendly, affordable, a unique communication model that helps to develop healthy relations between housing society & members and provides a customizable, user friendly, tailor made
application to manage accounting/billing, gate management, document /project management, amongst others. With a clientele base of 2000+ societies, Vastu has created a brand in itself.

The Features that Define Vastu
Managing a society is a thankless job and incurs time, efforts from the committee members. Known to be a unique software with relevant features as Ac-counts, Billing management, Vastu takes care of all the assignments of the working committee members efficiently within lesser time. Some of its salient features include Single Entry and Multiple Effects, Different types of billing formats, Ledger, Outstanding at a figure tip, Minutes of Meeting at a click, All Statutory Compliances, Unique e-Locker and Common Area Facility, Auto SMS and Email, GST Bills for Members and Excellent gate management with QR Code. "Vastu gives us all the powers to manage society. It is one of the best accounting and management software especially for statutory compliance. The software functions seamlessly and is quite user-friendly and cost-efficient. "We are constantly upgrading, developing new features to intensify its skill-fulness. We are finding new ways to boost its demands, make technological up-gradations, amongst others," says Sunil Deshpande, Founder & CEO, Sampada Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.

Vastu provides a customizable, user friendly, tailor made application to manage accounting/billing, gate management, document /project management, amongst others

Vastu is responding positively by providing timely support to the clients irrespective of their financial status, non-agreed support, unlimited trainings. It is demonstrating the realistic cost effectiveness over free/ unjustifiable options. "One of our clients decided to switch to another-cost-effective software but came back because of dearth of any such feature. In fact, limitations and dependency level was so high. One of the accountants at his client society came across with Vastu and was really impressed with the core accounting features. He suggested Vastu software to all of his clients. This is a testimony to Vastu's competence," informs Sampada Desh-pande, Founder & Director, Sampada Infosolutions.

The Road Ahead
Since inception, the company has lodged in an exclusive place in the market. It further plans to expand its operations in Maharashtra and pan India. "We aim to continuously improve our offerings and enhance our clients' experience. Our vision is to be one of the world's leading IT Solution pro-viders for Management of Societies," they conclude.