SANGAU: Property Management for Owners & A Home for Tenants

Binu Prakash,Managing Partner

Binu Prakash

Managing Partner

Exactly two years back Binu Prakash relinquished his 18 years of IT career to add an impact in the property management space. The story dates back to 2005 when Binu was working abroad for a corporate firm. He owned a house in Bangalore and was worried about his property illegally being acquired /misused by a third party service provider. Sharing his concern with few of his colleagues and property managers abroad, he observed the bitter truth about the industry. He made up his mind to open doors for a transparent and a much reliable property management firm in India. And thus in 2007 SANGAU came into being.

“I saw it as an opportunity to help property owners as well as a means to do my bit to organize services in the real estate sector. There is a lot of potential in this emerging India that we see happening around us.The real estate sector is still unorganized and a lot is being defined, debated and implemented. There is a big influx of people to town and cities. Residential needs will only rise and so will managing their properties,”explicates Binu.

SANGAU provides two types of services – Property Management services with or without rentals. Both include regular property inspections, preventivemaintenance,and statutory payments

The Residential Property Management Expert
The journey of SANGAU has been a transformational one since inception. When they began, the term ‘Property Management’ was still at an infancy stage. Being successful in educating their clients and effectively managing their property, the company over the years has carved a niche for itself in this unique space.Today,the majority of their clients are NRIs and needless to say they are expanding their business through means of a trust, referrals, and word-of-mouth publicity.

Explaining the silver lining, Binu speaks,“Tenants who occupy SANGAU- managed property are very valuable to us.They are the reason for our existence and the reason the property owner gets Return on Investment (RoI). In the last 10 years of our existence, we have had a‘No Broker Fees’ policy. I’m really proud to state that we have never charged broker fees or commissions to any of our tenants who have occupied SANGAU managed property.”
At present, SANGAU has accelerated its growth by providing a complete Property and Rent Management services for the residential property. Explaining the importance of their services, Binu says,“Property management requires an investment of time and effort. It may not be practically possible for an owner to get into the nitty gritty of property management, especially if he has a full-time employment or is about to travel abroad for business reasons”. For property owners, SANGAU provides two types of services – Property Management services with or without rentals. Both include regular property inspections, preventive maintenance, and statutory payments. Their premium package in addition to the basic packages services includes Rent Management. This involves tasks such as advertising property for rental, finding a suitable tenant, maintenance services during the tenancy, vacancy inspection and settlement of security deposit payment. The company is more process oriented and transparent in their approach,as they have incorporated digital ways to enhance their business.

Based in Bangalore,SANGAU is looking forward to expanding their operations to tier I & tier II cities. Elaborating on the roadmap, Binu concludes, “We will be investing in systems and solutions to improve user experience online for prospective tenants that will enable them to make quicker decisions and minimize the number of property visits to finalize a home. We aim to be the biggest residential property management company in India.”