SocietyRun: A Mini-ERP Platform Intelligently Automating Housing Society Management

Ashish Waykar,Founder & CEO

Ashish Waykar

Founder & CEO

People increasingly are moving into more secure habitats, more so because of the pandemic. This propels the housing & commercial societies to provide more digitally connected and physically secured environments to the home owners, while ensuring seam-less accounting, management & operations. Bringing in a lot of professionalism into this niche segment through its mini-ERP platform has been the rationale behind SocietyRun establishing itself as a leader in housing society management application space. The groundbreaking SaaS-based, cloud-hosted solution is developed by Convivial Software Pvt. Ltd., a Pune-based digital solutions company.

"The requirements of any housing society or resident welfare association boil down to four major facets. A comprehensive communication platform, a facility management solution, an automated billing & accounting system, and a foolproof security management system. SocietyRun is the best in class-comprehensive solution that fulfills all these requirements," proclaims Ashish Waykar, Founder & CEO, Convivial Solutions.

Intelligent Modules
It's exemplary the way SocietyRun integrates multiple functionalities on a single platform. For instance, its Automated Society Billing Platform incorporates virtual account payment collection as well as online payment gateway (Razorpay & Paytm) for payment of maintenance collocation. It also includes a complete accounting module which generates statements like Balance Sheet, P&L, and Trial Balance along with auto-reconciliation with bank statements.

Umesh Dere, Co-Founder, Convivial Software Pvt. Ltd, further elucidates, "The accounting module's interface is designed to help people who don't really understand
accounting. Our back-end intelligently converts the entered data into double entry accounting, which is the actual accounting methodology followed in India. Most importantly, the data can also be exported to Tally.

SocietyRun has even tied up with top Co-Operative banks like TJSB Bank and SVC Bank which opens door of 8000+ societies for tie-up. Now banks can provide SocietyRun solutions to its customers with easy integration.

On the other hand, the environment inside a society largely depends on addressing the residents' requirements on time. While SocietyRun's Smart Facility Management toolset automates the activities of apartment association, it also includes inbuilt service modules that connects residents with the local service providers like Pest Control, Housekeeping, and Cleaning Services through a mobile app. In truth, the app takes the residents into a whole world of connectivity through its Social Networking tools like Noticeboard, Polling Booth, Photo Gallery, Document Repository, and much more. SocietyRun also helps residents to handle complex data such as Share Certificate, I and J Registers, Tenant Register and many more.

Umesh Dere, Co-Founder

Going a step further, the company has also built a free security management module - GatePass, which boasts of an intelligent security framework, including visitor tracking, vehicle movement monitoring, staff attendance tracking & water tanker monitoring. No wonder that its clients are never in need to knock another door for their technology requirements.

Future in the Making
After seven years, SocietyRun today caters to even the largest premium customers like Megapolis Sparklet (1200 units). Over the last four years, platform has addressed 5000+ resident issues, while more than 45 percent payments in Megapolis Sparklet are now done on-line. SocietyRun has grown three-fold in the last financial year and expects to grow five-fold in 2020-21­ powered by its Series-A funding plans. "We are in the process of launching a Bank Statement Pull, Virtual Accounts, Bill payment integration (BBPS) in collaboration with Co-Operative banks to make society accounting further easy. It will further provide an intelligent solution for housing societies maintenance billing without manual interference. We are into finalization of contracts with a few more top co-operatives as well as private banks to widen our customer base," concludes Ashish. SocietyRun has even tied up with top Co-Operative banks like TJSB Bank and SVC Bank which opens door of 8000+ societies for tie-up. We helped Co-operative banks to open more than 300 new accounts in last eight months. Now banks can provide SocietyRun solutions to its customers with easy integration.