Spectra Constructions: Bringing People Closer to Nature

It takes colossal blessing to have good old memories on the terrace of your childhood home your own private world. The inhabitants of college hostels would know it even better. The moments we shared on the rooftops of hostels the never ending party nights,the thoughtful nights facing the dark sky, and waking straight up to the sunshine are often the memories that remind us we once ‘lived’ our lives. But when the apartment culture slowly barged in, everything boiled down to a tiny balcony! Maybe it’s worth having tea there, but definitely not the aforementioned memories. The aftermath is unbelievably tuned to even the drastic deficiency of the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D. The National Center for Biotechnology Information(NCBI) reports a prevalence of 80-90 percent Vitamin D deficiency. Living close to nature is the new luxury!
C. Chandra Shekar,  CEO
Spectra Constructions, an award winning design centric real estate company with a vast acumen in engineering, is on a mission to revive the old world charm of living close to nature by bringing end users or home owners to the focal point of construction. Be it anything as simple as installing an App from Play Store or buying a home for a lifetime, the current lifestyle trends reflect desperation for an overwhelming experience. Spectra shares this vision of providing end users with an experience beyond the luxury, leveraging its experience to create conscious architecture combined with a holistic design approach and a keen eye on detailing. Under the aegis of a passionate Structural Engineer(Master’s in Engineering)C. Chandrashekar(CEO), who started his design journey as early as the third year of his Civil Engineering, the company over the past decade has developed several prestigious premium residences across Bangalore, re-establishing the trust factor in the real estate industry.

IT'S Time To Get Some Air
The pinnacle of Spectra’s innovative living experience concept is its latest high rise residential project, Spectra Palmwoods, which comprises of India’s first terrace homes that bring you to the lap of nature with its one of a kind stacked terraces with open to sky wrap around balconies. “Having a private terrace is having a little world of our own, just like old times. Reviving those days while exemplifying modern living with state of the art amenities is the sole vision of this project,” asserts Chandra. Having been constructed in an L-shape, these terrace homes are innovatively built into the building’s lower mass, which helps in scaling this unique project aesthetically. The organization of units this way helps in creating a large public plaza within the site, while the public place is purposefully placed on the north side to keep it shaded from the harsh summer sun.

Spectra Palmwoods smoothly integrates its lush green retreat with modern amenities. This includes a well equipped gym, a large swimming pool, indoor hall for yoga/aerobics, children’s play area & games area, squash court, clubhouse, library, and a mini amphitheater designed for community events. It’s designed to promote not only community living and togetherness, but to also ensure something for everyone, regardless of the age. Located at the heart of Whitefield the IT hub of Bangalore Spectra Palmwoods’ proximity to world class civic infrastructure is unparalleled. The project that comprises 209 units(including 2,3 & 4 BHK) gives paramount importance to people’s safety from increasing the rail height(to protect children) to safeguarding the Skylight with steel grills.

Helping People Celebrate Their Lives
“We think like our customers and see from their eyes. Our designs are back lifted by intricate research based on the property & construction methodology as well as the prevalent lifestyle. We delve into the nuances like where the customers would want their refrigerator to be placed and where they want to have their storage spaces,” echoes Chandra. He adds, “While being passionate about construction, we also understand the predominance of ‘not constructing’, which is why we have ample open spaces inside our premises”.

In truth, the magic of reading the mind of end-users is a manifestation across the projects of Spectra. For instance, Spectra Raintree, another project from the company is a 1.35 acre wooded project with a vast central courtyard right in the heart of the city, which is developed specifically for people who love to be wrapped up in greenery. Located near Richard’s Park, Bangalore, Spectra Raintree accommodates greenery
both at the center and at its peripheries. The project incorporates 86(2, 3 & 4 BHK)Homes which have access modern amenities like a well equipped gym, a tucked away pool, a central courtyard and other open spaces. We are talking about a residential project that went on to win the Credai Care Awards 2015 in the category of Best Residential Dwelling (under 1,500 sq. ft.).

“With years of experience and the latest technologies on our side, we believe it’s our commitment to bring people closer to nature again. Flexing our innovative muscles, we constantly strive to combine conscious architecture and futuristic technologies to give our customers the wonderful homes they truly deserve,” adds Chandra. Located on Varthur Main Road (Whitefield), Spectra Cypress is an ideal depiction of Chandra’s words. It brings together the best of both worlds a modern living experience in the city and a tropical planted environment that takes you closer to nature. Consisting of large duplexes on the ground level and duplex penthouses or sky villas (138 units in total) at the 10th and 11th level, Cypress does justice to the lifestyle requirements of the new age customer. The residences are coupled with a whole host of amenities to color their aspirations.

Spectra Palmwoods smoothly integrates its lush green retreat with modern amenities

Built On Trust
Came into existence in 1999 as an engineering company, Spectra over the past two decades has evolved into a design centric real estate organization. In 2004, the company shifted its gears and commenced designing and building premium homes in Bangalore and has never looked back. Spectra today boasts of its more than one million square feet of premium residences, in addition to two million square feet of engineering contracts accomplished. “As a boutique company with specialized operations we strive to deliver premium quality homes to our customers. From selecting the right quality raw materials like sand to handpicking the project’s finishes like tiles and hardware, we take a 360 degree personalized approach towards every home,” elucidates Chandra.

Spectra’s socially responsible approach over the years has brought home a significant amount of appreciation. The green construction has enabled the company to achieve energy efficiency, minimize water usage, balance manpower with technology, maintain a low carbon footprint, and much more; not to mention rainwater harvesting. “Spectra homes are built to last. Going forward, we will stay close to the ground to constantly understand the needs of our customer’s; this coupled with our mission to innovate will help us fulfill our vision of “Living, Built by Design”. There is a lot of trust involved in our relationships and keeping them is more than a promise for us,”concludes Chandra.

Residential Projects In Spotlight:
Spectra Palmwoods
•India's first terrace homes in a high rise residential project
•Incorporates 209 2, 3 & 4 BHKs
•Located at Whitefield, Bangalore

Spectra Raintree
•Courtyard homes that accommodate greenery at its center and at its peripheries.
•Incorporates 86 - 2,3 & 4 BHKs
•Located near Richards Park, Bangalore

Spectra Cypress
•Large duplexes on the ground level and duplex penthouses or sky villas at the top level
•Incorporates 138 2, 3 & 4 BHKs
•Located at Whitefield, Bangalore

Spectra Constructions At A Glance:
Year Of Establishment: 1999
Office: Bangalore
•Spectra Raaya (New Launch)
•Spectra Raywoods (New Launch)
•Spectra Palmwoods
•Spectra Raintree
•Spectra Cypress
•Spectra Floris
•Spectra Orchids
•Spectra Sylvan
•Spectra Sylvan Annexe

•11TH Annual Estate Awards 2019: Spectra Constructions-‘Emerging Developer of the Year, South India’
•siliconindia Real Estate Awards, Bengaluru - 2019: Spectra Palmwoods - Best Luxury Apartment Project of the Year, East Bengaluru’
•Global Real Estate Brand Awards 2019: Spectra Palmwoods - ‘Innovative Design Project of the Year’
•India Property Awards 2019: Spectra Constructions - ‘Emerging Developer of the Year, South India’
•Credai Care Awards 2015: Spectra Raintree - ‘Best Residential Dwelling (Under 1,500 Sq. ft.)’

Acrreditions & Certifications:
•ISO 9001:2015
•ISO 14001:2015
•OHSAS 18001:2007
•Member of Indian Green Building Council
•Member of Credai