V+S Design Partners: Reinventing Project Design by Orchestrating Design & Leveraging Technology

Jagan Venkataramanan, Founder & Managing Partner,The Indian construction and real estate industry has long been shackled by the clutches of primitive technology and inefficient processes. But with the entire business landscape moving towards digitization, the Indian AEC industry is undergoing a technological renaissance of sorts. V+S Design Partners, a tech forward full service building design, engineering, technology & management consultancy firm, is at the forefront of this transition. Headquartered in Bangalore, the firm is committed to change legacy & primitive methods of project design & delivery by orchestrating design and leveraging technology. Built on the solid foundation of co-founders Jagan Venkataramanan and Shalini Sundaram’s vast project experiences both within India and internationally, V+S’ building & interior design, BIM services and management consulting has been guiding the AEC industry to achieve increased productivity and efficiency.

In order to design & execute projects more efficiently, with better quality and economically, V+S has developed Design and Delivery Platform (DDP), a design and engineering platform with interconnected digital tool chains. The platform addresses planning, aesthetics, design, engineering and sustainability using techniques of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies. Through the platform, V+S enables improved project productivities, reduction of waste, faster completion cycles, optimum first & lifecycle costs and simulating & validating what-if scenarios for effective decision making.
Leveraging BIM to Deliver Quality Projects

“We come from a very strong architectural engineering and management background,” informs Jagan, Founder & Managing Partner, V+S Design Partners. The company has developed several efficient workflows & processes to solve several planning, design and construction issues which result in higher efficiencies, better quality and economical solutions for its clients. Rendered by a young and savvy team of architects and civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, V+S delivers a plethora of large building and infrastructure design projects using BIM. Having put a Quality Assurance Process in place, the company details-out step-by-step process checklists to ensure the quality of its BIM models.

V+S also acts as a BIM Partner or Offshore BIM studio for a plethora of international architectural & engineering firms and BIM service providers

Adept at countering various client challenges, V+S’ BIM services are designed for verticals such as Master Planning & Infrastructure, Institutional & Educational (I&E), Corporate offices & IT, Industrial & Manufacturing(I&M), Science & Technology (S&T), Healthcare & Aviation, Real Estate - Residential, Commercial, Retail and Civic & Government. V+S also acts as a BIM Partner or Offshore BIM studio for a plethora of international architectural & engineering firms. The V+S team also provides BIM modeling services along with other value added services to global engineering, procurement and construction firms. With a band of Indian and international clients putting faith in V+S’ BIM services, the team integrates international best practices throughout its project design and delivery workflow.

Integrating Technology for the Future

The tech savvy firm has developed Konnect, a revolutionary, webbased ERP software designed to work in an unique environment, specifically to cater to project-based Architecture & Engineering and professional services firms. Additionally, the software can also be utilized by other professional services firms.

The firm’s i360 services include interactive desktop application, interactive mobile/tab application, interactive web application, AR mobile application, VR tour application and 360(Stereoscopic) video. “We are aggressively integrating VR and AR capabilities to our standard set of services and working on technologies which will minimize paper drawings and information on demand for the various project stakeholders using smartphones, iPads with full navigational and information retrieving capabilities,” explains Jagan. In the years to come, V+R is looking to achieve gradual yet organic growth by partnering with clients in order to solve and minimize risks, decreasing waste and benefitting all stakeholders in some way or the other.