To keep both, the Buyer and the Developer happy is the Ultimate Goal

The late, great Walt Disney once said, “You don’t build it for yourself. You know what the people want and you build it for them.” Harrish Ratanchand Jain, MD, H Rishabraj Group (HRG) of Builders and Developers, strongly advocates the saying and holds it as a mantra of the group.

Born to Mr. Ratanchandji Jain, a distinguished businessman and a prolific philanthropist, Harrish Jain is the guiding force behind HRG spearheading into the Real Estate arena and establishing a niche in the redevelopment space for itself. The home is a crucial building block of a civilization, more than that, it is considered a sacred place for its inhabitants. Mr. Harish Jain and the HRG group understand and adhere to this sentiment and have set out to create projects that offer this quintessential homely experience. The end goal is to create such homes that are worthy of emotional attachment; the vertical opposites of hotel rooms that look polished and posh but ultimately feel artificial and replaceable.

Teeming with entrepreneurial spirit and youth, Mr. Harish Jain ventured into the textile business at the time when he hadn’t even graduated from college. However, after graduation, he recognised his true purpose in the vastness of the real estate sector. He sought to enter real estate’s redevelopment subdomain. Thus began his journey. With sharp knowledge of the local market and an acute sense of the needs of the public, he successfully developed more than 30 projects to much acclaim from existing and new customers. All of his projects portray the thoughtfulness that goes into providing families with comfortable homes.

The tremendous success of HCG can be accredited to his astute business acumen, technical genius and liaison capabilities. His leadership qualities and drive for benchmarking the real estate industry are a testament to the fact that after becoming the Founding member of Brihanmumbai Developers Association (BDA), he managed to attract 500+ new members in a short span of five months. He has built a strong

reputation of savvy negotiations and cutting-edge market strategies that not only benefit all the parties involved, but also the Indian society at large. He is recognised as a torchbearer among developers and has built a strong legacy of problem solving through redevelopment projects of all scales.

Having already delivered more than 10 lakh sq ft to over 4,000 happy families, there are 25+ projects under the pipeline that will soon be ready to put more smiles on people's faces. In the coming five years, HRG aims to deliver 10 lakh+ sq ft of spaces successfully.

Mr. Harrish R Jain was also recently appointed as Vice President of NAREDCO (WEST) and is an active participant in the planning and coordination of meetings at Government and bureaucracy levels in the grand effort of streamlining and implementation of policies.

Combining his real estate experience and impeccable business acumen, Mr. Harrish Jain and the HCG are now exploring opportunities with the intent to provide a fillip to the Real Estate industry in Mumbai. Through their latest initiative, ‘Let’s Restart’, the company plans to undertake and execute long stalled projects in an effort to complete them. This would be a win-win for everybody; a much needed reprieve for former tenants, buying options for new buyers, and satisfaction to the developer.